Despite the current strong El Niño weather pattern Mother Nature is fighting back with the promise of further widespread showers, storms ( some severe likely ) and rain over parts of QLD during the next 5 days. We have already seen outbreaks of Supercells and Severe storms during this current burst of activity and they will return during the week. Good rain has fallen through Southern, Central and North West parts of the state resulting in some flash flooding however many areas remain dry unfortunately… Hopefully by the end of this week those who have missed out receive some rain.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the active trough remains out in Western and Far Southern inland districts before tracking East across the entire state reaching Eastern areas on Thursday and Friday. The very high instability kicks in on Wednesday through the the Western Half and far Southern inland as very moist air is drawn in mixing with high temperatures. A long band of showers and severe storms are expected from the far North to the far South then it increases in intensity while moving East. The entire state is looking at some rainfall this week of up to 10mm however these totals will increase greatly under thunderstorms. Damaging winds a high risk in the Western half then add Large Hail, Heavy Rain and possible Supercells in the Eastern Half.

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5 day rainfall total forecast in inches via Tropical Tidbits

~ Jeff Higgins ~