Forecasts are looking very promising for showers, storms and some rain areas over many parts of QLD over the next week or so. With over 80% of the state drought declared ALL rain is welcome rain!

A slow moving to near stationary surface trough over the Southern and Central inland will continue to draw in moisture from the Pacific while a series of Upper Troughs passing over head will enhance instability. These two combinations are likely to produce scattered  afternoon and evening thunderstorms each day along with some rain areas. The repeating process could add up to some heathy rainfall totals of 100mm especially areas that receive a number of back to back storms. The main focus for activity looks to be from Mackay to Hughenden SOUTH and from Longreach through Charleville to the NSW border EAST. Coastal areas of Central and South East QLD won’t miss out with a number a thunderstorms days through this period also.

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Above image: 8 day rainfall forecast from BOM

Cover image: 8 days rainfall forecast from GFS / BSCH

Posted at 7pm 24/10/2015 by Jeff Higgins