An Apology From Higgins Storm Chasing

An Apology From Higgins Storm Chasing

On the 26th February, 2019 an article was published by the Courier Mail and other media about Higgins Storm Chasing and comments we have recently made.

We wish to make clear that we were never forced to offer an apology, despite headlines stating this as fact.

On Sunday 24th February, I proactively contacted a person who I made abusive and threatening remarks to and have apologised for my actions. My apology was welcomed with return apologies for their original provoking post.

I wish to offer an unreserved apology to anyone who has been affected or offended by my or other administrator’s comments or private messages.  The language we have used is unacceptable and should never be used either publicly or privately.

We are working on ways to better handle the stresses of supporting our business and our admins are being taught better coping skills to deal with the abuse that we sometimes receive

Regardless of these stresses, this is no excuse to treat others with disrespect.

I and my team are implementing better procedures to cope with the increased pressures of social media and the demands often placed on us.

I am very appreciative of the support we do receive, and I wish to thank everyone who supports our work and passion for weather.

We wish to welcome open and intelligent debate on our posts.  Those who wish to share different views are welcome to do so, however we ask that they are done with respect to us and others.

I and my team are looking forward to providing a better service to our customers and greater public.

Thank you,
Jeff Higgins
Higgins Storm Chasing

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