Another Day Of Extreme Heat Comes To A Close – January 26th 2019

Another Day Of Extreme Heat Comes To A Close – January 26th 2019

Yet another day of extreme heat has been observed across South West QLD, North East SA and large parts of NSW. More records revolving around heat streaks have been broken across the aforementioned regions. Thankfully today, the high end heating was very confined with only a handful of locations recording in excess of 45ºc – it doesn’t help though that many of these locations have been under the pump for consecutive weeks now! 



Top temperatures:
• Noona (NSW) 47.2ºc
• Borrona Downs (NSW) 46.3ºc
• Bourke (NSW) 46.3ºc
• Condoblin (NSW) 46.3ºc**
• Cobar (NSW) 46.2ºc
• Ballera (QLD) 46.0ºc
• Delta (NSW) 46.0ºc
• Tibooburra (NSW) 46.0ºc
• Cobar Airport (NSW) 45.9ºc
• Mount Hope (NSW) 45.8ºc
• Moomba (SA) 45.6ºc
• West Wyalong (NSW) 45.4ºc
• White Cliffs (NSW) 45.2ºc
• Forbes (NSW) 45.1ºc



Additional notes: 
• Condoblin’s maximum of 46.3ºc would’ve been a new all-time record had it not been for 46.7ºc being recorded earlier in the month.
• Young near the ACT has recorded 43.5ºc which is a new all-time record for the station, beating 43.0ºc recorded in February 2017.
• Temperatures in the Hunter Valley pushed the 43-44ºc mark which is up to 12-14ºc above average. 
• Tibooburra has now recorded 17 straight days above 40ºc – this beats the previous record set back in January 1979 of 16 straight days. This is also the first time the station has recorded 5 consecutive 45ºc days.
• Canberra (not listed) reached 41.5ºc – this is the 5th time this month Canberra has reached 40ºc+ which is potentially a new record for a singular month.
• Goulburn (not listed) reached 40.6ºc – this is just 0.1ºc shy of a new all-time record, as well as becoming a new January record (beating 40.4ºc set in 1999).
• Bourke has recorded 18 consecutive days above 40ºc. This is the second most consecutive days above 40ºc for the station since 1896 when the record of 22 was set. That record may be broken next week with another 5 days of 40ºc+ forecast for Bourke.



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