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10 12, 2018



Issued 10th December 2018. Given the current agreement between global forecast data sets we feel compelled to issue this cyclone forecast alert.

• EX TC Owen is expected to enter the Southern Gulf waters during Tuesday. Due to a favourable environment the system is likely to intensify.

• During Wednesday & Thursday Owen is forecast to rapidly intensify into a cyclone over the Southern Gulf.

The ECMWF HIGH RES model (best in the world) suggests TC Owen could be a SEVERE category 5 system on Thursday while tracking South East directly over Mornington Island. This would be a worst case scenario but demands a level of respect.

• A majority of global models also suggest TC Owen will cross the Southern Gulf and track South East down the QLD coast from Cairns to Fraser Island late this week, “similar” to EX TC Oswald in 2013.

• At this stage widespread rainfall totals of 100 to 200mm could accompany the system along the entire East Coast of QLD. Any shift in the final track will greatly alter rainfall forecasts.

• People living in and around the Gulf Of Carpentaria need to closely monitor forecasts and have your cyclone emergency kits and plans in place.

• Detailed accurate cyclone forecasts and maps are current and available on our website here > Higgins Storm Chasing Premium Membership Weather Service

9 12, 2018

Owen Could Become A Cyclone Again In The QLD Gulf


Issued 9th December 2018. EX TC Owen is currently located near Cairns, QLD and is expected to track West reaching the Gulf Of Carpentaria on Tuesday. Global models agree the system is then likely to intensify during Wednesday and Thursday before possibly becoming a cyclone again on Friday in the Gulf. A majority of data also suggests that Owen could track South East across much of QLD towards the end of the week bringing widespread heavy rain and strong winds in its path. Above image: Current location and track in yellow, expected area of intensification in red, longer term possible track area in Blue. Base map via

If EX TC Owen remains over the warm Gulf waters, the favourable environment would allow for intensification into a strong Tropical Low by Thursday. A very strong West to North West monsoon wind flow is also forecast to feed and develop the system. A high pressure ridge is expected to build across Central Australia and this would become the initial steering mechanism to block to system from moving further West into the NT. 

People in living in and around the Gulf Of Carpentaria through the North East NT and Northern QLD should closely monitor forecasts this week. Given the likely intensification, it is expected to bring heavy rain, flash flooding, strong to damaging winds and above normal high tides. 

On Saturday, Sunday and Monday the worlds leading forecast model ECMWF has been constantly suggesting that EX TC Owen will track South East from the Gulf across much of QLD. IF this scenario were to play out severe weather with heavy rain, flash flooding and strong winds would accompany the systems path. Below image: Next 10 day rainfall forecast totals via Blue-Green 25 to 50mm, Pink 100 to 200mm.

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9 12, 2018

EX TC Owen To Cross North QLD Into The Gulf


Issued 9th December 2018. At 5:30pm Ex TC Owen is 100km North East of Cairns moving slowly West. Heavy Rain and Strong Winds continue to impact the North Tropical Coast with rain and wind activity as far South as the Whitsundays. A severe weather warning is current. Above radar image via

During Sunday night into Monday the system will not become a cyclone however it will continue to produce strong winds and heavy rain from about Cooktown South to Bowen. The bulk of the activity will be across the North Tropical Coast, North East Gulf district and Peninsula where scattered storms are all forecast which may contain heavy rainfall. 

On Tuesday it is forecast to enter the South East Gulf Of Carpentaria with Strong Winds, Rain areas and scattered storms across the Southern Gulf and Islands, North East Gulf districts and Peninsula. 

Due to being over warm water and in a favourable environment EX TC Owen is forecast to continue to intensify on Tuesday and could become a cyclone again on Wednesday. MORE information about the extended forecast will be issued tonight so stay tuned! 

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Below image showing the tropical low over the Gulf on Tuesday via

EX TC Owen To Cross North QLD Into The Gulf2018-12-09T18:17:06+10:00
7 12, 2018

EX TC Owen To Hit Parts Of QLD – Heavy Rain & Strong Winds


Issued 7th December 2018. EX TC Owen will cross the North Tropical Queensland Coast late this weekend bringing heavy rain and strong winds. Widespread 100 to 200mm expected with isolated falls to 300mm possible along parts of the Central and North QLD coasts. Above image rainfall totals = pink 100 to 300mm via

Currently on Friday evening, EX TC Owen is located 550km East of Cairns moving West. He is forecast to cross the coast somewhere between Cooktown and Cardwell on Sunday night. A very deep South Easterly onshore will continue extend South down the QLD coast on Saturday bringing increased rain and winds.

Thunderstorms with locally heavy falls are forecast from Cooktown South to Mackay on both Saturday and Sunday. Rainfall activity is likely to peak during Sunday and early Monday before easing. 

At this stage the following rainfall totals are forecast: Cairns 150mm, Innisfail, Tully and Ingham 200 to 250mm, Townsville and Ayr 150mm, Bowen 100mm, Whitsundays Airlie Beach, Proserpine, Mackay and Sarina 150 to 200mm. These totals are likely to cause some flash flooding, river and creek rises. 

Strong gusty South East will continue until the system crosses the coast. These winds may reach over 90km hr mainly across the exposed Whitsunday Islands. 

By late Monday afternoon conditions will ease with a few showers and North East winds due to the low being well inland and weakening. 

This is good news for these areas after a enduring a very long dry spell, extreme extended heatwave and recent fires.

Detailed EX TC Owen forecast maps, rainfall and storm maps available here > Higgins Storm Chasing Premium Membership Weather Service

EX TC Owen To Hit Parts Of QLD – Heavy Rain & Strong Winds2018-12-07T19:26:57+10:00
5 12, 2018

EX TC Owen May Not Be Done Yet!


Issued 5th December 2018. EX TC Owen is currently located in the Coral Sea 700kms North East of Mackay. Currently it is a low level circulation but it could intensify again and hit the Central and North QLD Coasts later this week. It this were to be the case, areas from Mackay to Townsville could see very heavy rainfall and very strong winds. This area could also be extended to include as far South as Rockhampton and North to Cairns based of various model data. Above image: Next 5 day rainfall forecast totals, pink = Heavy rainfall over 100mm up to 300mm via Below image: Current satellite image with EX TC Owen circled in red, future forecast track arrows and a trough marked in green with future track arrows. 

During Wednesday, Thursday and Friday a large high pressure system to the South will cradle the low towards the West while increasing South Easterly winds along the QLD coast. These winds are expected to trigger showers and some storms through Central East and North East districts on these days.

On Saturday the low is forecast to intensify further into a deep tropical low (one model has category 1 cyclone) while nearing the Central to North QLD coast between about Mackay and Townsville. A very tight pressure squeeze is expected between the low and the high down south which would significantly increase winds along the coast. These winds may actually reach damaging strengths of between 90 and 110km hr across the Whitsunday Islands. Showers and rain areas with moderate to heavy falls could also increase depending on how close the low and a trough is to the coast.

Sunday at this stage is the day to watch! A number of global models suggest EC TC Owen will intensify to be either a strong tropical low or possibly even a category 1 cyclone. The system is expected by all data to continue to track west and CROSS the coast somewhere between the Whitsundays and Cairns.

So given this scenario on Sunday rain areas with moderate to heavy falls are forecast along the Central and North Tropical QLD coasts. Very strong to damaging winds are also forecast near to where the low is located. 

Current maximum 5 day rainfall forecast totals from Wednesday to Sunday include: Townsville 100mm, Bowen 160mm, Mackay 300mm these are more likely to occur at this stage with high rainfall extending inland up to 100kms. Rockhampton 100mm and Gladstone 150mm are just possible. 

Please stay tuned for further updates as this is a very dynamic weather pattern and system which deserves attention and respect. 

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3 12, 2018

Tropical Cyclone Owen Forms Off QLD


Issued 3rd December 2018. Tropical Cyclone Owen has been officially named as a category 1 system off the QLD coast. The system may reach a category 2 while tracking towards the South West in the Coral Sea. 

Owen is the earliest cyclone to develop in the Coral Sea Eastern region since TC Nute way back in December 1997. Could this be a sign of things to come this season? 

The system is currently located 960km East of Cairns moving slowly towards the South West. Due to favourable conditions with Seas surface temperatures of 28-30C, low wind shear and good polar outflow it is expected to continue to intensify during Monday and possibly into Tuesday.

Late Tuesday and into Wednesday a strong ridge to the South is expected to steer the system towards the West to North West. Increased vertical wind shear and ingestion of dry air is likely to significantly weaken TC Owen to below TC strength on Wednesday.

The remnants of the system; a low level circulation centre will be captured by the low level winds and push it towards the West or North West. Convective rain and thunderstorms will become limited to the South East quadrant of the system on Wednesday and Thursday.

The high pressure ridging to the South and slightly lower pressure of the system in the Coral Sea is expected to cause an increase in winds along the QLD coast on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  

There is great uncertainty where the remnants of the system will end up… somewhere between Mackay and Cooktown though it will have little rainfall by that stage. 

A seperate trough system will develop through South East, Central East and North East QLD on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday causing rain and storms. More information about this is available to our Premium Members on our website. Subscribe here> Higgins Storm Chasing Premium Membership Weather Service

Below image showing the ridge weakening and steering the system late Wednesday into Thursday via

Tropical Cyclone Owen Forms Off QLD2018-12-03T09:35:59+10:00
2 12, 2018

TC Owen Expected Within 24Hrs


Issued December 2nd 2018. A tropical low is intensifying in the Coral Sea which is forecast to reach a category 1 cyclone or TC Owen by Monday morning.

This should become the first December cyclone since 1997 to develop in the Coral Sea. Currently the low is moving South and is then expected to turn towards the West late Monday into Tuesday as a high pressure ridge builds to the South.

On Wednesday vertical wind shear is forecast to weaken the system as it continues West towards QLD. While it is not expected to impact the coast as a cyclone it may bring much needed rainfall to parts of Central and Northern QLD later this week.

Early days yet though and things can change overnight so we will be keeping a very close eye on this one!
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TC Owen Expected Within 24Hrs2018-12-02T09:52:25+10:00
1 12, 2018

Cyclone Formation Alert Coral Sea


Issued 1st December 2018. TROPICAL CYCLONE FORMATION ALERT.  It’s the first day of Summer 2018 and an intense tropical low over the Solomon Islands has a HIGH chance of developing into tropical cyclone Owen!

The system is forecast to track South West towards Queensland. Widespread significant rainfall is forecast by a number of models for Eastern QLD this week.

We issued our first HSC in-house detailed low / cyclone forecast track map for the Coral Sea / QLD yesterday and this has been updated again this morning. To gain access to these forecasts and maps subscribe here >

Existing members login here for the latest details >

Cyclone Formation Alert Coral Sea2018-12-01T10:05:59+10:00
29 11, 2018

Tropical Low Likely, Cyclone Possible In Coral Sea


Issued 29th November 2018. A Tropical disturbance is currently located over the Solomon Islands which is forecast to track West to South West towards Queensland while intensifying. Above image: GFS FV3 model track.

 The first tropical system for the season is likely to develop in the North East Coral Sea on Sunday while either tracking West as a tropical low or South West while developing further into a cyclone. 

Model data remains uncertain and divided on the exact track and intensity however this information should become much clearer during Friday or Saturday. 

Central and Northern Queensland is experiencing an extreme heatwave with very dry to drought conditions across most the state. 100 bush fires continue to burn. A tropical system bringing a widespread rain depression across the state is what everyone is hoping for right now. It’s unknown just yet if this will be the one to do so or not. 

Tropical Low and Cyclone forecast maps will be issued for this system on our premium membership website service. Click here to sign up to get early information for cyclones across Queensland this season! 

We are urging all Queenslanders along the East Coast to have a Cyclone kit ready along with an emergency plan in place for this season. It could be shaping up to be a bad one! 

Tropical Low Likely, Cyclone Possible In Coral Sea2018-11-29T12:27:48+10:00
27 11, 2018

Heavy Rain And Storms For Central NSW


Issued 27th November 2018. A low pressure system is forecast to bring heavy rain and storms – some severe to Central and South East NSW on Wednesday. Above image total rainfall from

A fast moving hard hitting severe weather system is forecast to impact NSW coastal districts from Taree south to Batemans Bay including Sydney Metro on Wednesday morning. 

Severe thunderstorms and heavy rain with 50 to 100mm and possibly locally higher falls are forecast which could lead to flash flooding.

Strong to damaging winds are also expected to develop along the coast and adjacent inland areas. 

Conditions should ease quickly during Wednesday night as the low moves East away from the coast. Below image: Strongest winds during Wednesday via

Detailed daily rainfall and thunderstorms maps available via our subscription service > Higgins Storm Chasing Premium Membership Weather Service

Heavy Rain And Storms For Central NSW2018-11-27T22:04:07+10:00