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22 10, 2015

Ranges and Granite Belt hit by Severe Storms as they head for the Coast

Severe storms developed early on Thursday, October 22nd, and have shown at times likely damaging winds along with frequent and dangerous lightning, hail and heavy bursts of rain have been less notable, but still active in some cells.

These storms are associated with a vigorous trough which is surging East quickly, while storms slide towards the South-East along the trough. Further development is likely throughout this afternoon, with impacts in the Gold Coast, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane all expected at some stage.

Check out this pics from this afternoon so far! Cover photo via Casey Eveleigh

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West to South-West of Killarney via Gary Jackson

Moving East from Laidley via Brendan Stockdale

Lockyer Valley via Shannon Louise Manly

Near Allora via HSC Admin Megs

Grantham via Robbie Hill

Hattonvale via Mellony and Joseph Mullineaux

20 10, 2015

7 days of storms coming to QLD! 20/10/15

Wednesday will begin a 7 day storm outbreak through Central and Southern QLD with a good promise of rain for many areas in desperate need! A surface trough pushes into Southern and Western QLD before making its way to the Coast on Thursday. Initially storms will lack moisture leaving them high based, dry and gusty with lightning, however as the week progresses moisture increases. By Friday the trough retreats back towards the West to lie through Central and Southern inland QLD so anywhere East of this line from Friday through until Thursday next week will see numerous thunderstorms each day. Due to high temperatures and high moisture levels the instability greatly increases over the weekend into next week which will likely produce SEVERE cells. These severe storms will carry the threats of Large Hail, Damaging Winds, Heavy Rain of of course Frequent Dangerous Lightning! Again we are urging people to be vigilant with forecasts, prepare now and stay safe during this period!

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BOM next 8 day rainfall forecast.

18 10, 2015

Storms on the way for NSW & QLD this week! 18/10/15

Storm season is kicking into gear through the second half of October with a week long storm outbreak forecast for Eastern NSW and Southern Queensland. Activity is expected to begin on Monday through Central and Southern NSW with severe cells likely on Monday and Tuesday before shifting North East on Wednesday. All severe threats are likely with these storms from Damaging Winds to Large Hail not to mention the Frequent lightning strike risk.

The stormy weather will move into Queensland from Wednesday onwards with storms over Southern inland parts. Initially storms will be high based and generate little rainfall however towards the end of the week moisture greatly increases as does the severe threat risks.

This will begin an extended period of unsettled stormy conditions through NSW and the Southern Half of QLD. Get ready, be aware and be prepared!

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Posted by Jeff Higgins


16 10, 2015

A life threatening Super Typhoon to hit Philippines

Typhoon Koppu is heading straight for the main island of Luzon in the Philippines while intensifying. Currently Koppu is 955hpa with winds to 115knts ( 212km hr ) heading west at 15km hr and is expected to intensify into a Super Typhoon with winds to 260km hr. The biggest threat to people is the catastrophic flooding expected as up to 900mm of rain is forecast to be dumped by the slow moving system. Severe flooding is likely along with mud and land slides which threaten to inundate low low areas placing many lives at risk. With a disaster looming the military and emergency workers have been placed on standby while UNICEF has supplies ready for 12,000 families. Landfall is forecast early Sunday morning local time with destructive winds and very heavy rain likely to last up to 36hrs. After initial impact the Typhoon weakens and turns to the North while staying over the Island.

Posted at 10:30pm October 16th 2015 by Jeff Higgins

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15 10, 2015



Intense heat is forecast to rip through the Southern States today, where temperatures are forecast to reach the low 40s in many inland locations along with the mid to high 30s along the coast.

The trough is drawing in desert air and tunnelling straight through the Southern States which is causing temperatures to reach as much as 15c above average.

A cool change is expected later this afternoon, and this may bring some isolated storms which will unfortunately elevate the fire threat with dry lightning and possibly enhance the dust storm potential, while the coast may see a few mm. The main thing about the cool change though is that it will bring a huge relief in temperature.

Adelaide: 36c
Melbourne: 34c
Hobart: 30c

Image: maximum temperatures across Aus for Thursday


7 09, 2015

Jeff Higgins

Jeff Higgins founder and manager of Higgins Storm Chasing launches a brand new website with membership services after 5 years of operation.
“It’s been an incredible journey for us in just a short period of time. What started out as a weather photography Facebook page quickly grew in popularity and expanded beyond imagination. With such a large and ever growing fan base our demand for accurate weather forecasts, advanced warnings, photo and video content has increased dramatically. I am confident with support from our fan base the membership service will open up a dream opportunity allowing us a career in weather full time.” says Higgins.

The new website which compliments their popular smart phone app offers a yearly membership to exclusive Higgins weather guidance and content.
Mr Higgins, his partner Sara, administration team of 8 including 11 photographers aim to provide the community with an exceptional mix of stunning photos and accurate weather information.


7 09, 2015

Thomas Hinterdorfer

Thomas joined the HSC administration community back in November of 2014, with a role in forecasting, photography and live updates. Thomas says “I was excited to transfer my passion into the amazing and very interactive HSC community”

Thomas, while young in age, has now amounted some experience in the weather world. After taking up an interest in weather as a 10 year old, he’s now been observing, forecasting and chasing for the best part of 11 years, while also just coming back from a trip to the United States to chase tornadoes over May and June of 2015. Thomas says “the trip was a dream come true, it made what felt like fantasy become reality when standing in front of or even in these monsters that are only really shown on the news” “I would love to return, its simply an adrenaline rush and a passion that cannot be matched”.

The prospect of providing detailed high resolution forecasts both via text and video to an interactive community is the dream as a career opportunity for Thomas. When offered the chance, he says it was impossible to not be excited, “ever since I was young I wanted a career like this, its panned out perfectly, I couldnt be happier”.

At such a young age, the community of HSC can look forward to a long future with Thomas, sharing all the triumphs with him and the HSC administrators both in Australia and globally.