Issued 5th August 2019. Here comes the biggest Winter storm for 2019 as a Polar Low lines up South East Australia! This system will impact well over half of the population for 4 days so its worth taking note of. Above image the big polar low forecast position on Thursday via Pivotal. 

South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, the ACT and NSW will all be directly impacted while Queensland will feel the affects. 

RAIN: Lets start off with rainfall because it the most important commodity right now due to the drought. The best falls will be focused across South East SA, Victoria, Tasmania and Southern inland NSW. Within those areas places such as Eastern Victoria, South East Tasmania and South East NSW are only expecting lighter falls but exact amounts in these locations will depend on the exact position of the low producing onshore winds and rain. Below image 10day rainfall forecast totals via

SNOW: The next big result from this system will be snow with truck loads expected across the Alps, Snowy Mountains and Central / Western Highlands of Tasmania. Snow for SA (Mt Lofty) has been be dropped but showers and storms with hail are more likely. Very low level snow is forecast across Victoria and Tasmania down to 400 meters on Friday and Saturday when the coldest polar air is pushed up from down South. Forecast data is continually suggesting that Canberra will see snow falls from this system! The Central Tablelands of NSW are expected to see solid snow falls but the Northern Tablelands are only a chance for some light snow at this stage. Below image snow forecast totals via

WIND & TEMPS: Strong to damaging winds with freezing cold conditions are a given with this system. Due to the slow moving forecast of the low both wind and temperature impacts will prolonged over about 4 days. In SA damaging winds up to 95km hr are possible on Thursday and Friday across the South East quarter. Adelaide’s top temperature will be about 13C with a 10C wind chill. In Victoria damaging winds across the state up to 90km hr are possible with gusts as high as 120km hr on the Alps during Thursday and Friday. Melbourne is going for a top of just 13C and again the wind chill will take 5 to 10C off that. In the ACT very strong cold Westerly winds should develop Thursday night and they may reach damaging strengths up to 90km hr on Friday especially on the ranges. Canberra will have bone chilling tops of just 9C with a 5 to 10C wind chill. In NSW the strong cold front with strong Westerly winds of 60 to 70km hr will rip across the state on Thursday. These winds could even stir up some dust storms inland. There are expected to reach damaging strengths of 100km hr across the South East, Central Ranges and possibly even the Northern ranges from Thursday to Saturday. Any bush fires that start could become very dangerous due to the dry conditions and very strong winds. Sydney’s top temps will drop by around 4C to 18C. Anywhere along the ranges and Tablelands will be near zero. Tasmania is also expected to receive some periods of very strong winds but these will heavily depend on the low which is forecast to be directly over the state most of the time. Hobart is going for a top of 10C. Below image total wind gusts via
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