After Spring or even Summer-like temperatures on Thursday across large parts of the State, the majority of QLD is expected to see a cold blast now which will send temperatures the other way and more like August or even colder than average for some areas in August. Above image showing the temperature anomaly (difference compared to normal) for Sunday with the majority of the State below to well below average (blue to dark blue colouring) – Image via Tropicaltidbits.



The combination of a cold air mass aloft and strong South to South Westerly winds surging across the State will allow for temperatures to drop on Friday and across the weekend. During Friday, the cooling will be mostly limited to the Southern half of the State with areas like Boulia, Longreach and Emerald sitting near average and areas North of those towns being much warmer. Areas of the Darling Downs and Granite Belt are likely to remain below 20ºc.


South to South Westerly winds are likely to dominate the State and let the temperature plummet. Image via Windy for Saturday afternoon wind gusts.



During Saturday and Sunday, the winds will continue to pump across the State. This will allow for further cooling with the Granite Belt maybe not even reaching the teens (along with the potential for some snow at times). Southern parts of the State are likely to remain in the mid teens as well. While Northern districts will remain warm, they are expected to drop significantly compared to previous days and further cooling is likely in the coming days. Places like Townsville (25ºc), Cairns (25ºc) are expected to be near average or even 1-2ºc below average. Areas across Northern Inland QLD where averages are typically much higher, may feel the difference more with Richmond looking at 6ºc below average (22-23ºc forecast) and Mt Isa at 21ºc will be around 6-7ºc below average as well. 


Forecast maximums across the State for Sunday showing much cooler temperatures. Image via OCF / BSCH



Forecast maximums across the State for Friday showing cooler temperatures in the South and warm temperatures in the North. Image via OCF / BSCH


On top of the much cooler temperatures, the winds will be fiercely cold for QLD standards. Across the Darling Downs and Granite Belt it’ll feel more like 0ºc or even below freezing at times thanks to 50-70km/h winds combining with low temperatures. Across other areas of QLD, a 4-6ºc wind chill factor is likely and stronger wind chill factors are possible – so along the South East QLD Coast when its sitting on about 20ºc, it could feel more like 12-14ºc, maybe even less. 

Overnight minimums will also plummet across large parts of the State. While the winds will probably prevent frost from occurring, widespread areas could be in the low single digits or negatives during Sunday and Monday morning – Monday has a strong chance of some frost across Southern & Central QLD, maybe even into Northern Inland QLD, pending the wind strength. 


Forecast minimums for Monday morning across QLD showing widespread temperatures nearing 0ºc! Image via OCF / BSCH