Issued July 25, 2019. The second cold front for the week is expected to slowly make its way across TAS and possibly Southern VIC tonight (Thursday night) and into Friday morning, bringing additional rain and some snow to mostly Tasmania. Above image 24hr rainfall for TAS via Windy. Green >10mm. 


A weak cold front is expected to move across the Eastern Bight during Thursday night and impact Tasmania during the early hours of Friday morning and potentially extending up across Southern VIC during Friday morning as well. The front should move through Tasmania during Friday morning before moving into the Tasman Sea later on Friday. This front is expected to bring additional rainfall to Western TAS overnight, where falls of 10-20mm are expected, with lighter falls likely over the Eastern half of the State including Hobart which may see less than a few mm most likely. Strong winds are likely, as with all cold fronts, but gusts should mostly remain below damaging thresholds outside of the Snowy Mountains / Victorian Alps and elevated parts of TAS / exposed Coastal areas over the West and South Coast.

Forecast winds for the early hours of Friday morning – Pink >60km/h. Image via Windy.


While snow is a common commodity with cold fronts, the mid and upper level air cooling that is required for snowfall is expected to be dragging well behind the front. So its likely, that even though snow is expected down to around 800m, it might be very patchy over Tasmania with very light falls expected at best. Snow is expected to fall to around 1300-1400m over the Snowy Mountains with very light falls also expected – arguably there is potentially better snow potential over VIC than TAS due to some mid level cooling lingering over the Alpine prior to the main cold airmass arriving. 

Forecast temperatures at 1000m ASL (850mb). Blue colouring indicates temperatures cold enough for Snow. This shows the colder air is lagging well behind the cold front. Image via Windy.