COLD Temperatures Forecast Across MOST of QLD!

COLD Temperatures Forecast Across MOST of QLD!

Issued Tuesday, May 19th 2020. Queensland is about to experience a significant burst of COLD weather over the period of Thursday until possibly next Monday or Tuesday with maximum temperatures up to 12-16ºc BELOW the May average! This cold weather will be felt as far North as Cairns and the Gulf of Carpentaria! Above image: Temperature anomaly on Saturday afternoon, showing temperatures of up to 16ºc colder than normal – via Tropicaltidbits. 




This abnormally cold period coming up is expected to be brought on by a unique combination of very cold conations down in Victoria and New South Wales which will be consistently driven into Queensland by relentless Southerly winds. These winds will combine with a series of upper level troughs which will provide the atmosphere with very cold air aloft, as well as several days of widespread showers and rain periods along with very thick cloud coverage which will limit any warmth from penetrating through to the surface. While the peak of the rainfall and thick cloud coverage will be confined to mostly Friday & Saturday – the lingering effects will still be felt beyond Saturday with temperatures taking a while to return back to even remotely near normal. 

Maximum temperatures across Queensland for Friday via – You can see widespread cold conditions amplified across Southern QLD with cool to cold conations extending into the Tropics.


Saturday overall is forecast to be the coldest day State-wide, but individual locations may experience slightly colder conditions on Friday or Sunday. There is a high chance that some temperatures may break cold records (for May) during this time. The kinds of temperatures we are looking at include:

South Eastern & Southern QLD:
• Stanthorpe: Maximums of 13ºc Friday & Sunday, 14ºc Saturday & Monday. 
• Toowoomba: Maximums of 14ºc Friday to Sunday.
• Charleville: Maximum of 14ºc on Friday, 16ºc on Saturday & Sunday.
Kingaroy: Maximum of 15ºc Saturday, 16ºc Friday & Sunday. 
• Roma & St George: Maximum of 15ºc on Friday, 17ºc on both Saturday & Sunday. 
• Warwick: Maximums of 16ºc Friday to Sunday. 
• Rockhampton: Maximum of 16ºc Saturday.
• Gladstone: Maximum of 18ºc Saturday. 
• Bundaberg: Maximum of 18ºc Saturday. 20-21ºc Friday & Sunday.
• Brisbane & Ipswich: Maximum of 19ºc on Saturday, 20ºc on Friday & Sunday. 

Central QLD:
• Emerald: Maximum of 15ºc on Saturday. 18ºc on Friday. 
• Moranbah: Maximum of 15ºc on Saturday.
Yeppoon: Maximum of 16ºc Saturday, 20ºc Friday, Sunday & Monday. 
• Charters Towers: Maximum of 17ºc on Saturday. 
• Mackay: Maximum of 19ºc on Saturday, 21ºc on Sunday & Monday.
• Longreach: Maximum of 18ºc Friday, 19ºc Saturday & Sunday. 
• Winton: Maximum of 19ºc Friday & Saturday.

Western QLD:
• Windorah: Maximum of 16ºc Friday. 18ºc Saturday & Sunday. 
• Birdsville: Maximum of 18ºc Friday & Saturday, 20ºc Sunday & Monday.
Mount Isa: Maximum of 20ºc or less from Thursday to Sunday.

Northern QLD:
• Townsville Range: Maximum of 18ºc on Saturday, 19ºc Sunday, 20ºc Friday & Monday.
• Cloncurry: Maximum of 19ºc on Friday, 20ºc on Saturday & Sunday. 
• Burketown: Maximum of 20ºc on Saturday. 
• Normanton: Maximum of 20ºc on Saturday.
• Townsville City: Maximum of 21ºc Saturday. 
• Kowanyama: Maximum of 22ºc on Saturday. 
• Mornington Island: Maximum of 22ºc on Saturday & Sunday. 
• Cairns: Maximum of 24ºc on Saturday & Monday. 

Maximum temperatures across Queensland for Saturday via – You can see the very cold air surging up into Central and parts of Northern QLD!


Following these cold maximums… minimum temperatures are also expected to plummet next week across large parts of the State as cold air lingers with drier air and clearer skies returning. This will allow for maximum heat to escape and is part of the reason why temperatures will gradually warm up during the day (less cloud). Some areas like the Granite Belt and Southern Darling Downs may see temperatures push freezing at night during the weekend as well, regardless of the increased cloud and some precipitation around. Snow is NOT forecast. 

Minimum temperatures across Queensland for Sunday morning via – The blue shading indicates temperatures cold enough for frost until ideal conditions.

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