Extreme heat is expected to bake much of Queensland for the next EXTENSIVE period of time with the first round being over Friday and Saturday and then continuing Inland into Sunday. Above image: Maximums for Saturday across Queensland via HSC / OCF. 



While heat in Queensland any time of year, let alone Summer is common, this period of heat coming up is expected to be excessive and extensive with much of the State staying HOTTER THAN NORMAL for even December standards. This heat will also coincide with maximums challenging and possibly even breaking records across South East QLD. This heat will also be a staple for producing consistent elevated fire dangers throughout the next week – especially over Eastern and South East QLD. 

While the period of excessive heat is expected to last for the next week… round 1 is likely to be confined to Friday, Saturday and then Sunday for Inland areas (not so much the Coast). This is due to a surface trough or surface boundary becoming situated EXTREMELY CLOSE to the Coastline over Eastern QLD. The positioning of this trough will allow for hot and dry West to South West winds to surge across the State, impacting all areas except for the beach front. Temperatures even hotter aloft will combine with these surface features to see daytime maximums skyrocket over most of the State with a focal point being the South Eas corner. 


During Sunday, the heat is likely to remain… if not build further over Inland areas. However a cool change moving up the South East Coast and a stronger sea breeze front will help drop Coastal temperatures somewhat. Despite this, maximums across these areas will still be hotter than normal for December standards – just up to 5-8ºc cooler than Saturday. 

Over the period of Friday and Saturday, Ipswich is expected to climb to 41 and 43ºc respectively. While this is just shy of the December record, it is still around 10ºc above ‘normal’ for this time of year. Gatton is going for something similar, however the December record of 42ºc could very well be broken on Saturday with a forecast top of 43ºc. For Brisbane, temperatures of 38 and 39ºc are forecast – this is around 8ºc hotter than the December average of 30 and a bit – however Brisbane is one of those places that is heavily dependant on the sea breeze front positioning, so a temperature of 40ºc cant be ruled out, but a max of less than 35ºc isn’t out of the question either.


Places like Longreach that have a December average of 37ºc, the maximum is climbing to around 42 or 43ºc which is 5-6ºc above average, and Winton is pushing for 44 or maybe even 45ºc! For some Inland locations, Friday and Saturday will be the beginning of 7+ straight days above 43ºc (and some days of 45ºc+) which is very excessive given no location in Queensland averages more than 39ºc for the month. 


QLD temperatures across Sunday via Windy