Issued 11th June 2019. Widespread follow up rain is expected on Wednesday and Thursday across the South East quarter of South Australia, Western and Central Victoria and parts of NSW. Above image: ECWMF rainfall forecast via

South Australia: It’s been a quiet rainfall start to June across South Australia with only 6mm being recorded in Adelaide. The June long term rainfall average is 80mm so there is some catching up to do this month. Early on Wednesday morning a string surface trough will develop a band of Rain from the North West down across the West Coast. This feature is forecast to increase in intensity as it progresses East across South East SA during Wednesday. Widespread falls of 10-20mm are forecast south of Roxby Downs and East of Ceduna. Some isolated higher totals of 20-30mm are possible around Adelaide and the ranges. A few showers are expected on Thursday as the system clears East.

Victoria: The Southern half of Victoria has had a pretty good start to June with widespread rain occurring from the low last week. Melbourne is up to half of their June rainfall average of 50mm. East Gippsland has also gained some healthy falls this month so far with around 25-50mm recorded. The Alps have had their best start to a season in 19 years with a snow depth of about 75cms. Unfortunately this week considerable snow melt will occur due to warm conditions and a lack of any cold fronts. 
On Wednesday morning a surface trough and cold front will combine to produce a band of scattered showers and rain across Western districts during the morning. This activity will spread further East to be through Central districts during the afternoon and through the North East Alps during the evening. The best falls of 25-50mm are forecast across the Alps of rain. Widespread 10-20mm is forecast through Western and Central districts. Unfortunately the rain shadow from the Alps will mean that Eastern parts of the state largely miss out. 


New South Wales: In NSW falls will be much lighter. A band of showers and light areas will move East through Southern inland and Western districts on Wednesday before contracting to the Central inland and Northern inland on Thursday as a very weak system. There is potential for a low pressure system to develop across Northern and North East NSW on Sunday into Monday brining rain and storms. Higgins Storm Chasing rainfall, snow and storm forecasts available on our subscription service here!