South Eastern AUS is about to see a frozen run of mornings coming up as a dominating high allows for light and cool winds. Above image: Frost for Thursday morning via BOM MetEye (pink is light, purple is heavy). 


An extremely large high pressure region stretching from the Tasman Sea across the Bight and into the Indian Ocean (covering all of Southern AUS) is expected to start heavily impacting the SE of the Country. As this high moves gradually East over the next several days, its likely to produce some clear-isa skies over SE NSW and North East VIC, as well as cool and light South West to Westerly winds across the region, which will be drawing colder air out of the Antarctic and Bight. This combination will allow temperatures too plummet overnight and potentially lead to expansive areas of light to moderate frost, and pockets of heavy frost. Even if its not frosty, it will still be cold enough for some frozen ponds and frozen hoses. 

Minimum Temperatures for Thursday morning via OCF / BSCH


The coldest mornings will be dependant on where you live exactly. Its a split between Thursday morning and Friday morning. Cooma and Thredbo are both going for -7ºc on Thursday morning, and -6ºc on Friday morning – but it wouldn’t be a shock if either location pushed -8 or -9ºc given the notorious nature of both locations and the conditions at play. Temperatures should linger around -4 to -6ºc with the possibility of locally colder temps around the Victorian Alps as well. Across Eastern VIC, places like Omeo are heading for 2ºc on Thursday but then jumping to around 7ºc for Friday morning, whilst areas in Northern VIC are looking at 0 or 1ºc on Thursday and then -2ºc on Friday. 

Minimum Temperatures for Friday morning via OCF / BSCH


Saturday and Sunday should remain freezing too, but a few degrees warmer than Thursday and Friday as some heavier cloud coverage comes overhead and traps some of the weak heating in. The flip for this could be colder maximums across the weekend than seen on Thursday or Friday. Melbourne will have a colder 4ºc for Thursday before sitting around 5-6ºc until the end of the weekend. Canberra is looking at -3ºc Thursday morning and then sub-zero until mid next week.

Minimum Temperatures for Saturday morning via OCF / BSCH