Posted 7th Feb 2018. Very hot conditions of 38 to 44C will impact Southern and South East parts of Australia during the next 3 days. Above image via Weatherdotus.

Parts of South Australia, Victoria, ACT and New South Wales are expected to endure a low to severe intensity heatwave during Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

A slow moving area of low pressure will move across all 3 states while dragging very hot and dry North to North West winds down from the interior. 

Widespread maximum temperatures of 38 to 44C are forecast across most of South Australia, North West Victoria and inland New South Wales. 

Adelaide is heading for 39C on Thursday and Friday after a top of 40C on Wednesday. A cooler change is forecast on Saturday with an expected top of 32C. Most of inland SA will exceed 40C.

It will be pretty warm in Melbourne for the neat 3 days with around 30C expected but they will escape the very high heat of 38C + which will be confined to North West parts of the state. 

Anywhere west of the ranges in NSW will cop the bunt of the heat with 38 to 44C forecast. Coastal areas will be pretty warm and humid in the low to mid 30’s but nothing too bad for this time of year.

ACT and Canberra is looking at a run of low to mid 30’s this week.

A much cooler change with push North across most the above mentioned areas on Saturday and into Sunday with the high heat contracting into Northern inland NSW and Queensland. Below image: Heatwave forecast via BOM.