Higgins Storm chasing has now expanded our Premium Membership service to offer accurate cyclone forecasting and guidance to Australia. High  resolution cyclone tracks and risk maps along with detailed text has now been activated ahead of the 2015/16 cyclone season. We will be using a combination of both Australian official and International forecast information intergrated with our own guidance to produce a detailed accurate alternative. Cyclone strength, forecast track, times, expected coastal crossing, and a colour shaded weather risk scale all feature on the map along with a super high resolution map of the area where a cyclone is expected to cross the coast. Maps will be issued up to 5 days ahead and remain updated at least once a day until the cyclone has been down graded below cyclone strength. This will allow people who may be affected to have significant lead time to be able to prepare and also understand the risks and threats associated with the life threatening weather systems.

To gain access to these cyclone maps, thunderstorm maps and all significant weather forecasts across Australia become a HSC premium member HERE!

HSC cyclone risk map SAMPLE ONLY

HSC cyclone risk map “SAMPLE ONLY”