International Space Station Visible Directly Over Brisbane & SEQLD

International Space Station Visible Directly Over Brisbane & SEQLD


Wednesday 28th June 2017. Be sure to look up in the sky tonight and show the kids! The ISS or International Space Station will make a visible pass directly over Brisbane and South East Queensland this evening for 6 minutes. Above image via ISS astroviewer.

The following times are for Brisbane, Ipswich, South East QLD and North East NSW districts. Beginning at 5:48pm this evening the ISS will start to be seen in the North West sky while heading towards the South East. At 5:51pm it will be passing directly over Brisbane and much of South East QLD / North East NSW. By 5:54pm  it will vanish again off in a  South East direction over the Tasman Sea.
For other locations and exact times please click on this link and use the search box! 

These times are about 15 to 20 minutes after last light which is the best time to view the ISS due to sunlight being reflected off the craft. It will look like a bright star moving across the sky and can be easily seen by eye. There is some patchy high cloud cover forecast due to an upper trough to the West. 


ISS Fun Facts 

• It travels at 27,600km hr or 276 x faster than a car going along the highway!
• It orbits around the earth 15.5 times a day! 
• It weighs 419 tons or equivalent to 279 family cars!
• The ISS is bigger than a football field – 108 meters wide x 72 meters long! 
• There are 5 people on board ATM and it can hold 6! 
• It has been up there for 18 and a half years and has gone around the world over 100,000 times! 
• It flies between 330km and 435km above the earth and falls closer to the earth by 2km every month!


Actual photo of the International Space Station via NASA


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