Issued 21st May 2018. The large blocking high pressure system that dominated Australia’s weather last week and it is set to remain slow moving towards the East this week keeping most of the country fine and sunny. Above image via

Sunny days and cool mornings will continue to be the norm across most of Australia this week as a large blocking high pressure system remains very slow moving. The only place to gain any reasonable rainfall during the past 7 days has been Western Tasmania due to the onshore Westerly flow. These showers will ease this week with about 20mm expected.

Morning frosts have featured most mornings along the Tablelands of NSW, the ACT and parts of Southern inland QLD due to clear night skies and light winds. These are also set to continue this week.

As the high moves finally moves further East late in the week, winds will become more onshore along the QLD coast which is likely to increase shower activity. 7 day rainfall totals will be patchy and generally less than 15mm is expected until Sunday. QLD daily, weekly and 3 monthly forecasts available here! 

Later in the week a significant cold front is set to break the lengthy run of above average temperatures in Perth and South West WA. Late on Thursday into Friday the front is likely to bring a solid band of showers, rain and isolated storms from Exmouth to Albany including Perth. The front is also likely to bring damaging winds up to 100km hr across many South West WA districts. Between 25 to 50mm is forecast from the system which will also bring an end to the extended period of no rainfall. Further forecasts will be issued for this system.

A fine weekend is forecast across all of Australia except coastal QLD where those showers are likely to increase. 

No snow is forecast across the Alps of anywhere in Australia during the next 7 days. HSC snow maps available here!