Low Level Snow likely in TAS during Thursday & Friday

Low Level Snow likely in TAS during Thursday & Friday

A new wave of snow potential is expected to sweep through Tasmania during Thursday night and Friday morning with snow likely down to 400m and possible down to 300 maybe even 200m. Above image via WindyTV showing 3-day snowfall potential.


During Thursday morning, a cold front is forecast to sweep across Tasmania producing a band of showers and strong to possibly damaging winds. While rainfall totals should be fairly normal for this time of year, and winds will be nothing out of the ordinary…. its the pool of freezing air which is expected to be dragged up from Antarctica behind the system and produce conditions favourable for low level snowfall.

During Thursday afternoon and evening, temperatures at 1500m are expected to rapidly drop and bottom out around midnight at -7ºc over Southern TAS and -5ºc or colder over the entirety of TAS. These very cold temperatures are expected to mix with a narrow period of moisture from about 4pm Thursday until about 4am Friday to produce conditions which are favourable for snowfall to occur at low levels. The majority of models are indicating the snow is likely to fall to at least 400m, with snow possible down to 200m in the South of the State (some going even lower than that although the safer bet is 200-300m). While this isn’t anything out of the ordinary as Tasmania does see low level snow each day, the system itself is much awaited after the warmest start to June in a long time for the majority of TAS.



Despite the potential for low level snow, snowfall totals at the higher altitudes aren’t expected to benefit with the window of moisture expected to be short enough that snowfall totals are limited to about 15-25cm over the Central and Northern Highlands, and only a dusting at those lower levels. Thinking positively though, after such a warm start… some of these Highland locations could be well over the 50cm mark in just a week of activity following 2 previous snow days in the last 8 days.


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