Melbourne, and Victoria as a whole have endured one of the hottest Spring’s on record and thats all about to change with flooding rain expected to sweep the State over the next 72hrs! Above image: 6 day rainfall via WindyTY (red >100mm, pink >250mm).



While the records have been focused around Melbourne City due to its vast data records, there is a high chance they can be echoed across the majority of the State as everywhere has been under the heat pump for some time now. 

During Spring, a number of records were either equalled or broken across Melbourne. To start with, Melbourne has recorded its 14th day above 30ºc today for Spring, that has beaten the previous record set in 2009 of 12. This is also TRIPLE the long term average for this time of year! Melbourne (currently sitting on 34.6ºc at the time of this blog) is forecast to record back to back 35ºc day’s, that hasn’t happened since 2009 in Spring either. 



The heat was turned right up over the last fortnight with Melbourne recording 9 straight days above 28ºc (between the 18th and 26th inclusive), that shattered the previous record of 6 set in 1896, 1914 and you guessed it.. 2009. That spell of heat also included 6 straight days above 30ºc which equalled the 1896 record.

Melbourne has also endured very warm nights (for their standards) with every night since Saturday November 11th sitting at least 2ºc above average (the majority of those are at least 5ºc above average) and last night’s minimum of 22.5ºc was the highest since 2012. The daily average maximum of 25.6ºc was the highest since you guessed it, 2009. 


Temperature data via Weatherzone for Melbourne City, November 2017

Temperature data via Weatherzone for Melbourne City, November 2017



All this is expected to change rapidly though as a low pressure trough and low pressure system move through over Friday and Saturday delivering widespread heavy rain and severe thunderstorms to the State. Falls of 50-150mm are likely to become widespread with Melbourne City tipped to record more than 100mm! That alone will likely be more than the last 3 December’s combined and IF the City can record more than 120mm (which is more than possible) it will be the wettest December since 1993 (only 2 days into the month). 1993 was also the last time Melbourne City recorded 50mm in a 24hr period for December!