Southern and South East QLD areas may need to turn the air con off tonight, possibly even pull the doona out as temperatures plummet behind a rain and storm bearing trough. Above image – OCF Minimums for Saturday night / Sunday morning via BSCH


Showers, rain areas and storms are dominating Eastern QLD through Sunday thanks to a trough drawing in high levels of moisture and instability. Behind this trough though, much drier and colder South Westerly winds are blowing in – teasing with the first hints of Winter being just around the corner. These winds are expected to cut the humidity and with the combination of cold air aloft and clear skies, temperatures should plummet across the majority of the Southern half of QLD. 

Trough line marked offshore and along the Coast with winds coming in behind it from the South to South West – these are drier winds.



Overnight Saturday night into Sunday morning, temperatures to drop to as low as 5 or 6ºc over the Granite Belt, single digits over the Darling Downs and maybe even below the teens across Central QLD. These temperatures, whilst not being totally uncommon for this early in the “cooler” season, will still be around 5 to 8ºc below average for this time of year. Closer to the Coast between Hervey Bay and the Gold Coast, minimums should bottom out in the mid teens which is around 4ºc below average for this time of year. 

During Sunday, whilst maximums should climb back up into the high 20’s or low 30’s for most areas – the big difference will be the lack of humidity. Humidity levels within 20-30km of the Coast way remain elevated – but these areas should also see cooler temperatures than those further Inland. Anywhere more than about 25-30km (as the crow flies) from the Coast should see humidity levels drop into the 30’s and 40% range (which is very low for 27-28ºc). As the week progresses, maximums will remain similar but the humidity will start to creep back in gradually. Back across Southern Inland QLD, maximums will be heavily influenced by the South to South West cooler flow, with temperatures potentially sitting at around 6-8ºc below average and in the low to mid 20’s all day.

OCF Forecast Maximums for Sunday via BSCH