Widespread raised dust, haze and possible dust storms are expected to impact large parts of NSW, Northern VIC, South Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland – possibly reaching the East Coast over the next several days. Above image – Dust mass via Windy for Friday.


Expansive strong winds are expected to sweep through South Australia and into New South Wales during Thursday, possibly even into South West QLD as well. These winds may reach damaging thresholds at times over elevated parts of SA, with most areas likely to see gusts of 40-60km/h being possible. These winds are expected to continue through QLD on Friday and further East into NSW as well. whilst the NT will receive the Southerly surge which will push them through Southern & Central districts. The combination of several drought stricken areas, along with strong winds, will likely cause dust to become raised and maybe even develop into some localised dust storms. While dust storms such as the ones seen over Summer probably aren’t expected (in terms of a graphic view), there is a very realistic chance that large expansive areas will be covered in haze for not just one, but possibly a few days as several rounds of winds lifting dust occur across Thursday, Friday, Saturday and maybe even Sunday. 


As stated, there is a chance that this haze could reach the Coast in a very weak raised dust manner. The only prevention of this is whether or not the dust becomes settled in amongst showers and snow across the NSW Ranges and QLD Ranges. Areas North of about Toowoomba in QLD where there is no rainfall forecast are the highest chance of seeing the dust reach the Coast on Friday and Saturday, but areas further South of Toowoomba have a big question mark over them for now. 

Winds across Friday via Windy. Pink >60km/h, blue / purple >90km/h (damaging thresholds).