Its been hot the last few days across Inland QLD, but models are now indicating its only going to scorch even hotter as some October records could potentially get broken across Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Above image – Forecast maximums via OCF / BSCH for Saturday.


A warm air mass has been firmly situated across Inland QLD for the last week or so, gradually increasing in strength and combining with hot, dry winds to produce above average heat across the majority of Inland QLD, but in particular Western districts. Over the next few days, this warm air aloft is expected to fractionally strengthen and combine with low humidity and a trough system which will allow overall impacts to be enhanced (such as temperature). This will lead to majority of Inland QLD scorching to above 40ºc and well above the October average for any location, with some pushing the mid 40’s!

Forecast maximums for Friday via OCF. Image via BSCH


• Birdsville is expected to reach 43ºc across both Friday and Saturday, however it wouldn’t be a shock if temperatures nudged 45ºc given what happened today (Thursday). This would challenge the 1995 record of 45.1ºc. 
• Longreach is expected to reach 43ºc both Saturday and Sunday, with 42ºc+ on Monday, this will likely break the 1928 October record of 42.9ºc. 
• Blackall is expected to nudge 42ºc both days over the weekend – this will challenge the 42.2ºc record from 2004
• Barcaldine is also going for 42ºc on both weekend days – this could break the 41.8ºc record of 2002.
• Winton is going for 43ºc on both Saturday & Monday with 44ºc on Sunday. Its unlikely, but the 44.5ºc 1972 record could be challenged. 
• Richmond over Northern Inland QLD is heading for 43.0ºc on Sunday, which will likely challenge the 43.30c 1918 record.
• Hughenden’s 1999 40.4ºc record is almost certain to go with temperatures of 40ºc+ expected from Friday to Tuesday and up to 42ºc on Sunday. 
• Julia Creek hit 42.3ºc in 1995… this should be broken across the weekend with 43ºc forecast for Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Forecast maximums for Sunday via OCF. Image via BSCH



Across the South East of the State. Friday is shaping up the be the hottest October day since 2014 for most areas as temperatures push into the mid 30’s. Brisbane is the exception with a forecast top of 36ºc – this would be the hottest October day since 2005, and if it reached 36.4ºc then that would be the hottest October day since 2004 when it almost hit 39ºc.

Forecast maximums for Friday via OCF. Image via BSCH