NSW Severe Weather & Waterspout Risk

NSW Severe Weather & Waterspout Risk

Wild weather is forecast to impact NSW on Monday & Tuesday as a Bomb East Coast Low develops. The highest risk will be damaging winds up to 120km hour with possibly some destructive winds over 125km hour developing along the coast. Heavy rain up to 125mm with a risk of flash flooding is also expected through Sydney Metro, Illawarra and the South Coast districts on Tuesday. Showers rain and thunderstorms are likely across the South East, Central inland and Northern inland on Monday. These storms could have hail and damaging winds. Below image showing widespread rain and storms on Monday and Tuesday from WeatherWatch.net.au

Once the trough moves just offshore on Tuesday morning with an East Coast Low is forecast to develop near Sydney. The system could reach Bomb criteria by rapidly getting down to 990hpa by Tuesday night. A very strong Southerly wind change moves up the coast to Sydney on Tuesday morning which then increases by Tuesday afternoon as the low develops. Damaging wind gusts up to 110km hour are forecast along the coast, nearby inland and elevated ranges from the Victoria border to Sydney on Tuesday afternoon into the night. These winds could cause power outages, tree and house damage. Wind speeds offshore may reach 145km hour generating MASSIVE swell. A surge of strong to possibly damaging winds will impact the Northern Ranges on Tuesday. Below image via Windy.com

Model data is showing a risk area for Waterspouts to develop that could cross the coast as a Tornado during Tuesday. This risk area covers the coastline from Batemans Bay to Sydney including the Illawarra Coast. Damaging winds up to 120km hour and Destructive winds over 125km hour are both possible should one of these waterspout / tornadoes cross the shoreline. Below image showing the elevated risk area via WeatherWatch.net.au

Heavy snow could occur across the Central Tablelands of NSW on Tuesday. This will be covered in a seperate forecast.

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