Issued 6th December 2017. Temperatures will greatly increase right across the state for the rest of this week before storms (some likely severe) return during the weekend. Above image via

The Western half of the state will feel Summer kick in really hard for the rest of the week with temperatures climbing to between 35 and 40C. These high temperatures are forecast to last well into next week.

Eastern districts will also feel the heat as humidity levels and temperatures rise above 30C. 

Fine sunny conditions are expected across the state on Wednesday and Thursday before storms develop again through South East and Central inland parts on Friday.

This storm activity greatly increases on Saturday especially in the South East where severe storms are likely to occur. The Darling Downs & Granite Belt, South East Coast and Southern parts of the Wide Bay & Burnett are likely to see this severe storm activity. Detailed thunderstorm risk and rainfall forecast maps available here! 


Brisbane’s top temp from Thursday to Saturday is 33C while Ipswich will be hotter on 36C. Longreach and all of the Central West district is expected to reach a hot 39C on Thursday before a peak of 41C on Saturday. Mt Isa in the states North West is forecast to exceed 40C from Thursday onwards for at least a week!  

Yes it is Summer and yes it gets hot however these temperatures are still 4 to 8C above the December average. If you want to get technical when a location exceeds 5C above average for 3 days straight it is classed as a heatwave.  Below image rainfall on Friday afternoon via