Issued Tuesday 8th August 2017.
FORECAST DISCUSSION – Above average temperatures are likely across large parts this week with a possible Winter heatwave across 90% the state next week! Subscribe for detailed forecasts & maps across QLD here! 

LATER THIS WEEK: Maximum temperatures are forecast to get up to a very warm 7C above average with a top of 29C on parts of the South East Coast during Friday and Saturday. Above average temps are expected at all locations on the South East Coast during the weekend however they could climb into the low 30’s next week! Brisbane will be 28C on Friday and Saturday. 
Central and Northern districts are also expecting well above average temperatures later this week with tops between 28 – 32C. The Northern inland and North West areas run of very warm to hot days will continue non stop through the forecast period with temps between 30 – 34C.
The Darling Downs & Granite Belt will be the coolest district in the state but even for their standards it will be still very warm for this time of year. Max temps of 21 – 24C along the ranges and 24 – 27C on the plains. Exposed east coast regions while being a few degrees cooler will have an increase in humidity levels due to the light onshore winds.

NEXT WEEK: Current forecast data suggests that 90 % of the state from Monday through until Thursday next week could easily exceed August heatwave criteria of 5C to 10C above average for 4 days straight. The reason behind the potential high heat would be due to a large slow moving high pressure system anchored over the state with lack of any cold fronts from down south. The high produces light winds rotating anti clockwise around it across the state. The only places that are expected to be slightly cooler due to sea breezes are those located closely along the direct coastline, but humidity levels will be higher making it feel warmer anyway.

On Monday next week over 50% of the State (the western half) is forecast to exceed 30C. This then increases to 75% (inland areas) over 30C on Tuesday. A massive 90% of the state (all but exposed coastal areas) is forecast to be 30 – 35C on Wednesday and Thursday. Brisbane is forecast for 30c on Wednesday and Thursday! See below image.


 The entire state recorded above average mean maximum temperatures for July. 1 to 3c above average across the Eastern districts and 3 to 5c above average inland and the Western half. Looks like the trend is going to continue into August with a possible taste of Summer like conditions next week! Adding to this outlook is no rain forecast across the state for the next 8 days apart from a few light showers around Cairns. Below image is the long term average maximum temperatures for August via BOM.
julyavmaxtempsbomqldHSC QLD premium members already have above temperature forecast maps issued for this week. These will increase further to state heatwave maps if required for next week.