Issued 7:30pm Wednesday November 28th 2018. The worst of the heat is yet to come as a second heatwave moves across the State, impacting more areas with hotter temperatures and no reprieve for those experiencing the first one. Above image via OCF / BSCH showing Maximums for Sunday across QLD.


Northern and Central parts of the State have just endured several days of unprecedented heat, where countless records have not just been broken… they’ve been shattered beyond comprehension. During Thursday and Friday, the heat is expected to linger over the these same areas adding to fire threat and relentlessness that has been one of the worst heatwaves in living memory. While the worst has been and gone for those areas now, talking from a State perspective.. the worst is yet to come.


QLD Forecast Maximums for Thursday via OCF / BSCH



From Saturday, the heat is expected to build over Inland areas with “well above average December temperatures”. Will they break records, no? Is it relatively normal to see 40-43ºc across Inland QLD in December.. yes. On Sunday and Monday though, very dry West to South West winds are forecast to intensify this heat into extreme heatwave levels with maximums becoming widespread into the mid 40’s across Inland QLD. The winds will also channel the heat towards the Coast. Parts of the South East Coast are likely to push into the low 40’s with Coastal areas in the high 30’s – certainly abnormal for any time of year. Central and Northern Tropical regions will be dealt with further high 30 / low 40ºc temperatures. Its during this 48 hour period that some December records may now be challenged (not necessarily broken, but at least challenged). 

Unfortunately, models are indicating strong winds to intensify across Sunday and Monday through Inland areas originally and then Coastal areas. Its hard to judge what this will mean for fire situations and dust potential for now, but there is an obvious elevated risk for both that will be closely monitored in both the lead up to both days, and during live coverage of both days.


QLD Forecast Maximums for Monday via OCF / BSCH