All the talk is about the massive Winter snap that is expected to impact Eastern Australia this week – well we have to get to that 1st, and before we get to that, its going to be unseasonably warm across the State with maximums of 6-8ºc above the August average! Above image Maximums for Wednesday via BSCH / OCF.

Yes the cold is coming, but for the first half of the week (Monday to Thursday) its going to be extremely warm for this time of year. Dry winds are expected to feed across large parts of Inland QLD during Monday and Tuesday before a Westerly surge (good old EKKA winds) impact the entire State on Wednesday and Thursday. These winds will interact with a dry air mass aloft, which will help produce above to well above average temperatures across the 4 days through most of the State. Large parts of Inland QLD are expected to push the mid to high 20’s, with Northern districts (away from the Coast) heading for the low to mid 30’s. Longreach is heading for 30ºc of Thursday, as is Mt Isa, Emerald will be up to 29ºc. Even the Darling Downs and South East QLD areas will be in the mid to high 20’s. 

OCF Forecast Maximums for Thursday showing the cold change moving through SW QLD. Image via BSCH.


During Thursday, a cold change is expected to impact Western areas (Longreach 30ºc, Birdsville 21ºc). This will then push through to Coastal areas on Friday and across the weekend. While its not expected to bring any rain due to the dry wind, it will drop temperatures by up to 10ºc across some areas and the wind chill factor will make it feel even colder! Stanthorpe is going for a top of just 13ºc on both Saturday and Sunday, and it may not exceed 15ºc from Friday through to about Tuesday to Wednesday the following week. Toowoomba will sit around 15ºc and feel more like 5ºc or colder at times. The cold will be felt further North too with Longreach dropping from 30 or 31ºc on Thursday down to 22ºc by Saturday.

OCF Forecast Maximums for Sunday. Image via BSCH.