Records break in Overnight Scorcher!

Records break in Overnight Scorcher!

Ahead of today’s extreme heat though Inland NSW, VIC and TAS… some hot overnight minimums have been recorded with long standing records being broken across several locations that typically see hot nights during extensive heatwaves such as the ones we’ve been experiencing as a nation lately!



Top minimums:
• Fowlers Gap (NSW) 35.1ºc – New all-time record
• Borrona Downs (NSW) 35.0ºc
• White Cliffs (NSW) 34.8ºc – New all-time record
• Oodnadatta (SA) 34.3ºc – New all-time record
• Ballera (QLD) 33.6ºc – Hottest night in 13 years
• Broken Hill (NSW) 33.6ºc – New all-time record
• Ivanhoe (NSW) 33.6ºc – New January record, 0.4ºc shy of the all-time record
• Wilcannia (NSW) 33.6ºc
• Hay (NSW) 33.4ºc** – All-time record
• Menindee (NSW) 33.4ºc – All-time record 
• Deniliquin (NSW) 33.0ºc**
• Windorah (QLD) 32.9ºc
• Moomba (SA) 32.8ºc
• Thargomindah (QLD) 32.7ºc – Hottest night in 13 years
• Noona (NSW) 32.6ºc
• Birdsville (QLD) 32.0ºc
• Smithville (NSW) 32.0ºc
• Roxby Downs (SA) 31.9ºc
• Delta (NSW) 31.3ºc
• Swan Hill (VIC) 31.3ºc** 
• Marree (SA) 31.1ºc
• Cobar (NSW) 31.0ºc
• Griffith (NSW) 30.5ºc – New all-time record
• Narrandera (NSW) 30.7ºc
• Yanco 30.3ºc
• Coober Pedy (SA) 30.0ºc


Additional Notes:

•  This is the third time this month Borrona Downs has recorded a 35.0ºc+ minimum – the previous NSW State Record was 34.8ºc prior to 2019!
• Prior to 2019, NSW had never recorded 35.0ºc+ as a minimum, with Tibooburra holding the record at 34.8ºc. During January 2019, 35.0ºc+ has been recorded 5 times now, with two of those last night!
• This is the 3rd time White Cliffs has broken its all-time record this month for overnight minimums, and the 4th time the minimum has exceeded the pre-2019 record!
• Swan Hill would’ve shattered its old record, however the town actually recorded 25.3ºc at 9am yesterday morning which will go down as the 24hr minimum… despite the 31.3ºc “overnight” temperature being the lowest. Its one of those technicalities that hinders a lot of records being broken for overnight heat.
• Deniliquin’s official minimum as well will go down as 29.1ºc due to a 9am temperature yesterday. Otherwise the 33.0ºc would’ve been a new all-time record.
• Hay’s 9am temperature yesterday was 31.9ºc – this still breaks the all-time record, however its just not quite the 33.4ºc experienced overnight.

• Last night was the 8th straight night above 30ºc for Birdsville, only 2 of those 8 nights have been below 32ºc!
• Last night was the 7th night above 30ºc for Oodnadatta this month which is quite extraordinary given the region “only” averages 23ºc as a minimum for January.



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