Issued on the 12th of March 2019. While numerous severe storms with heavy rain, large hail and damaging winds will be likely, RAIN is the utmost importance part of this forecast scenario! Above image: next 5 day rainfall forecast totals via

A series of upper troughs with cold mid to upper level air are forecast to move across parts of NSW and QLD this week. We may even see an upper low develop across Northern NSW on Friday and Saturday enhancing rain and storm activity further across Northern NSW and QLD. 

It doesn’t matter how much moisture there is you need a trigger such as a surface trough or upper trough to cause rain and storms. It looks like we finally have both this week!

Storm activity is expected to start late this afternoon with possibly severe storms from Gympie up into the Central inland and across to Rockhampton. There is a slight chance through the South East Coast. 

Wednesday: Again storms are likely to be focused from about the Sunshine Coast to Rockhampton and back through Central inland districts. Some storms will possibly be severe.

Thursday: Instability and moisture greatly increases through South East and Central East QLD. Numerous severe storms are likely along with the potential for heavy rainfall across the South East corner of QLD into Thursday night. 

Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Instability remains high through South East and Central inland QLD while spreading further west in Southern inland districts. Severe storm activity is likely during the 3 days. 

So for QLD, rainfall amounts and storms will tend more isolated on Tuesday and Wednesday before increasing significantly from Thursday to Sunday at this stage. Widespread falls up to 25mm across most areas South from about Rockhampton and East from Longreach, Charleville to St George. Isolated higher falls to 100mm are very possible due to repeat storms through South East and Central inland QLD. 

In NSW, storm activity is expected to begin on Thursday through most Eastern districts before contracting to the North East and Northern inland from Friday to Sunday. Numerous severe storms are also likely. Widespread totals of 20 to 40mm forecast through Eastern NSW for the rest of the week. Isolated higher falls to 100mm very possible through the North East under repeating storms. 

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