Issued at 8:30pm 21st April 2019. The South West quarter and Central inland Queensland districts will see some good rain and storm activity early this week. Coastal districts are also likely to see further showers developing. Above image: Accumulated rainfall forecast via

A strong upper low with cold pool of air is forecast to enter South West districts on Monday generating instability. The system will interact with a large high in the Tasman Sea which will provide a good feed of moisture.

Scattered showers and thunderstorms (some severe with heavy rainfall) are expected to develop across Eastern Channel Country, Western Warrego and Maranoa and Central West districts on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Overnight rain areas will also be possible along with some severe storms containing heavy rainfall. Falls of 20 to 40mm are forecast with possible isolated falls of 50 to 100mm under heavy storms (red circled area). The system will weaken on Wednesday and head East with stable conditions returning inland on Thursday.

The high in the Tasman Sea will continue to provide an onshore flow causing scattered showers along much of the QLD coast for the first half of the week. Most coastal districts should see around 10mm however the local hotspots across the North Tropical Coast, Central Coast and Sunshine Coast could see higher local falls. As the upper system clears offshore on Thursday showers will ease along the coast. 

Detailed QLD / SEQLD daily state rainfall and thunderstorm forecasts available on our website HERE!