South Eastern Australia is about to be impacted hard by a very large significant weather system coming in from the West this week! Widespread heavy rain with severe storms containing Large Hail, Damaging Winds, Heavy Rain, Flash Flooding and Frequent Lightning to hit all 3 states. The bad weather starts out in South Australia on Tuesday before heading East affecting all of New South Wales and Victoria on Wednesday and Thursday.

In South Australia rainfall totals between 25 and 100mm are forecast in Southern / South East parts while active severe storms will sweep right across the state on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Victoria is expected to see rainfall totals of 25 to 50mm right across the state, possibly higher in the far North. Severe storms also affect the entire state starting in the Western half Wednesday, then go state wide on Thursday. Due to the heavy rain over such a wide area we are likely to see flash flooding and flooding of some rivers and creeks.

New South Wales is forecast to be hit the hardest as the system gains maximum intensity over the state on Wednesday and Thursday. Widespread falls of 50 to 100mm are expected across the state with a healthy 25 mm across the far North West and North. Severe and possibly Dangerous storms are likely to affect the entire Western half of the state on Wednesday before shifting to the entire Eastern half on Thursday to include Sydney Metro. Damaging Winds are likely with possibly Destructive Winds in strongest storms. Large to Very Large and damaging hail likely in the strongest storms with frequent lightning also posing a risk.
The Heavy rain which expected right across the state will cause areas of Flash flooding and some River flooding is also possible.

Higgins Storm Chasing is URGING residents to prepare for the above weather forecasts and remember “if it’s flooded turn around don’t drown”. We will be issuing push notification alerts to HSC APP users, if you haven’t got our App it’s available in Apple and Google stores. We will also be conducting video forecasts and high detailed graphic maps to our Premium Members via our website. You can sign up HERE!

Issued at 6pm 2nd November 2015 by Jeff Higgins

4 day rainfall forecast BOM

4 day rainfall forecast BOM

Storm forecast via BSCH

Storm forecast via BSCH – red severe, purple likely severeimage