It looks like there could be 1 last taste of the snow for the Northern Tablelands coming up on Monday as the right conditions may come together for a brief period of time. Above image showing Monday morning snow chances via Windy.


A very large and expansive cold pool is expected to cover most of VIC and the majority of the Eastern 2 3rd’s of NSW (basically from Mildura to Cobar and Walgett and anywhere East of that). This cold pool, whilst it won’t be heavily featured in the upper levels like we normally see.. it will be heavily featured across the mid levels. Whilst snow is likely for potentially the 5th or 6th day running for the Southern Tablelands and possibly even the Central Tablelands of NSW as this may be their 3rd snow producing event in less than a week… There is a chance that conditions will become favourable for a brief period of time over the Northern Tablelands.

850mb temperatures (critical snow temperatures) for NSW on Monday showing a large cold pool in the mid levels. Image via BSCH



During Monday morning, the cold air will be touch and go, but it should arrive later in the morning with 0 to -2ºc in the critical levels of the atmosphere. During the afternoon, these critical levels are expected to warm up to around 2ºc and possibly even more than that which will make snowfall highly unlikely. This will create a window of opportunity from about 6am to 11am or maybe 1pm at the latest where any moisture above 1000m or 1100m will fall as snow across areas such as Walcha, Guyra and Ben Lomond. Armidale may be touch and go for elevation and Glen Innes will probably be too low – while Tenterfield / Mt Mackenzie will be too far North as will anywhere in QLD.

While this isn’t an event we would encourage people to chase due to the 50/50 nature of it – that being the short time frame, the low snow totals of maybe a flurry covering the ground at best, and the awkward week time being a Monday during work hours and school hours – it could be something for locals or those who are desperate to check out.

If you were to take the risk we would advise you to go on the provision that you understand that it could be quite underwhelming compared to previous events that have been showcased during the season and you would need to most likely be down there Sunday night as it could be a very early start (unless you want to travel from Brisbane at midnight). 


An atmospheric forecast sounding South of Armidale on Monday morning showing some very shallow moisture (enough for snow) and very dry air aloft. Image via BSCH