Issued 8th August 2019. Snow often falls on the ACT ranges during strong cold fronts but it always struggles to reach Canberra city due to the lower elevation. The polar airmass coming this weekend is a ripper and computer models are suggesting anywhere from 2 to 7cms of snow to fall in Canberra and the surrounding suburbs. Above image GFS snow accumulation forecast via

On Saturday a -40C cold pool of air at 20,000ft moves over the ACT which also hangs around into Sunday. This significantly lowers the freezing levels down to 800 meters ASL. This snow level height brings most of the Canberra Hills into likely contention. The key for Canberra to get snow is the surface temperature minimums… On Friday night into Saturday morning and Saturday night into Sunday morning its expected to drop to -2C. Then all you need is precipitation during these times to produce snow to lower levels of say 500 meters. The ranges do act as a rain / snow shadow so it will be very interesting to see if and how much snow makes it into the city and the surrounding suburbs. The potential is very high and models suggest it will happen. Below image showing the very cold polar airmass on Saturday via GFS/BSCH

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