Statewide Severe To Extreme Heatwave to Hit QLD

Statewide Severe To Extreme Heatwave to Hit QLD


Posted 8th Feb 2018. The most prolonged and widespread heatwave of this Summer is forecast to hit QLD for a week straight with maximum temperatures up to 45C. Above image: Extreme Weather Index via Weatherdotus.

Starting this Sunday, temperatures will sky rocket across all of Queensland. The Northern inland, Central Coast and South East are heading for maximum temperatures of 35 to 40C. Through the Central West, West, and Southern inland maximum temperatures will be between 40 to 45C.

So what it is Summer and it gets hot right? This heatwave is forecast to produce well above average temperatures across most of the state for 6 days straight… not just for 1 or 2 days. This is why it is so significant!

From this Monday through until next Friday global forecast data indicates the very hot conditions will spread right across the whole state and be maintained.

East Coastal districts are expecting max temps of 35 to 40C for the week. All inland areas have forecast maximums between 40 to 45C for the week. 


For a majority of locations across the state we are not expecting daily maximum temperature records to be broken… this is more a case of very hot conditions over a wide area for an extended period of time with little or no rainfall.

Make sure you please take these forecasts into serious consideration by keeping well hydrated and limiting outside activities during the hottest part of the day. Also regularly check on the elderly and offer your pets and wildlife both shade and ample water. 

Our HSC detailed QLD state maximum forecast temperature maps have been issued for next week. You can access these maps by clicking here! 

Below image: Heatwave forecast map via BOM.



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