Issued 23rd May 2018. Perth and SW WA’s run of warm dry weather is about to come to an end late Thursday into Friday as a strong cold front moves through. Above image showing damaging winds over 100km hr on Thursday night via

By Thursday Perth will have registered a record breaking 16 days straight with maximum temperatures above 24C and as high as 32C. The city has also recorded just 6mm for the month so far and only 130mm for the year.

Between 6pm and midnight on Thursday the cold from is expected to cross the coast from as far north as Exmouth all the way down to Albany. Initially very strong winds to 80km hr will be felt from the North just before the front, then they swing to the West with damaging winds to 100km hr and possible gusts to 120km hr with storms. 

Models are indicating a solid band of rain and storms to stretch from the Central West, down through the Lower West into the South West on Thursday night. The rain and storms will be travelling at very high speed from the North West towards the South East due to strong wind shear. Some storms are likely to contain damaging almost destructive winds as they race through. 

It is going to be a cold wet and windy day across South West WA on Friday with top temps of 17C and winds gusting to 60 to 80km hr.

Rainfall totals from the system at this stage are between 20 and 40mm for the Lower West and South West districts, 10 to 20mm for the Central West tapering off to around 10mm for the Central Wheatbelt and Great Southern districts.

By Friday afternoon the cold front with strong Westerly winds and a band of showers will have reach as far inland as Tom Price and Cocklebiddy Roadhouse. Below image showing the solid band of rain and storms on Thursday night via