Temperatures are about to skyrocket well above the normal expectations for November for an extended period of time across the South East corner of Queensland. Above image showing Monday maximums across the South East quarter of the State. 


From Saturday until Wednesday, the South East of QLD is expected to endure abnormally warm temperatures, both daytime and night time. Day time maximums are certainly expected to reach the requirements of 5ºc+ above average for 3+ consecutive days for heatwave standards, however its the night minimums that may prevent this event from being called a “heatwave” as night times should still drop back towards normal until the end of the event (Tuesday and Wednesday) when we may start to see minimums failing to fall below 20ºc for the first time this season.

OCF Forecast Maximums for Saturday, November 3rd via BSCH


This is all being brought on by a warm, slow moving air mass which is expected to combine with a surface trough over the region to direct very warm to hot and dry air across the Darling Downs, Granite Belt, Wide Bay and Inland parts of the South East Coast. Across Coastal parts of the South East Coast (on the Coastal side of the trough), very warm and humid Northerly winds are likely to become relentless across the region. So while the temperatures won’t be too “dramatic”, the humidity will account for whats been missed.

Across the 5 days, Saturday is well truly expected to be the coolest. From Sunday to Wednesday however, Brisbane is expected to reach 34ºc+ each day, Ipswich 37ºc+, Gympie 35ºc+, Gatton 38ºc+, Sunshine Coast 34ºc+, Dalby and Oakey 36ºc+ just to name a few. The peak of the heat will be Monday and Tuesday when some areas are expected to nudge 40ºc and maybe areas push into the high 30s. 

While these temperatures aren’t expected to challenge records, and they’re certainly not foreign for this time of year as we edge towards Summer. Its a timely reminder to be sensible whilst outdoors in the heat, wear the appropriate clothing, stay hydrated, put sunscreen on and make sure you look after the elder, young children, pregnant woman and pets / animals.

OCF Forecast Maximums for Tuesday, November 6th via BSCH