Issued 27th November 2018. A Tropical Low or Cyclone is forecast to develop by various global models next week in the Coral Sea. If it does it will become the first cyclone to develop in Australia for the 2018-19 season. Above image via

Before anyone jumps to any conclusions we will make it VERY clear that there is a lot of uncertainty with forecast data right now. What we are saying there is POTENTIAL for a system to develop during next week in the Coral Sea off the QLD coast.

About 5 global models including BOM’s own Access G have a tropical low or cyclone developing as early as Sunday in the North East Coral Sea. Many of them have the system intensifying and heading West to South West towards QLD. After that it becomes completely uncertain as to further developments and track.

This is a heads up post informing people of the potential and that we are keeping a very close eye on ALL global data. 

Stay tuned for further updates and forecast in coming days. We offer detailed Tropical Low and Cyclone forecasts and maps via our subscription service. If you want our quality reliable cyclone information sign up here!