Issued 18th January 2019. Various global models are indicating that a Tropical Low pressure system could develop across Northern Queensland next week. Image via

While large parts of Australia endures severe heatwaves, most of Queensland has been without rainfall for over a month or more now. We are constantly looking ahead at forecasts for any signs of a rain producing system anywhere in the state.

Many people are continually asking ” When is it going to rain”?

A persistent High pressure area over the Tasman Sea has blocked any troughs from developing across Central, Western and Southern QLD which are needed to produce rain and storms. Luckily this has held the high heat inland but we still need rain even if it’s roasting hot or not. An onshore South East flow has produced some good showers along the North Tropical Coast while a weak monsoon trough has triggered some rain and storms across the Peninsula. These areas are doing ok.

It’s the rest of the state thats suffering… At this stage very little rainfall is forecast across Northern inland, Central, Western and Southern districts for the next 7 days. What we are looking at though is the potential for a Tropical Low or even a possible cyclone to develop next week across Northern parts. This system may be centrally located either in the Gulf or Coral Sea at first.

Should this eventuate, rain and storms are likely across NQLD however will will be looking for any indications that the system could move further South into inland areas or down the coast. Some suggest a cyclone in the Gulf while others do bring it down into the Northern / Central inland areas. It is just too early to confidently say yet but the signs are there for something… lets just hope it holds and a good scenario plays out. 

Detailed rainfall, storm, Tropical Low and Cyclone maps available for Queensland by clicking HERE!