Issued 29th November 2018. A Tropical disturbance is currently located over the Solomon Islands which is forecast to track West to South West towards Queensland while intensifying. Above image: GFS FV3 model track.

 The first tropical system for the season is likely to develop in the North East Coral Sea on Sunday while either tracking West as a tropical low or South West while developing further into a cyclone. 

Model data remains uncertain and divided on the exact track and intensity however this information should become much clearer during Friday or Saturday. 

Central and Northern Queensland is experiencing an extreme heatwave with very dry to drought conditions across most the state. 100 bush fires continue to burn. A tropical system bringing a widespread rain depression across the state is what everyone is hoping for right now. It’s unknown just yet if this will be the one to do so or not. 

Tropical Low and Cyclone forecast maps will be issued for this system on our premium membership website service. Click here to sign up to get early information for cyclones across Queensland this season! 

We are urging all Queenslanders along the East Coast to have a Cyclone kit ready along with an emergency plan in place for this season. It could be shaping up to be a bad one!