Issued 10th June 2019. Snow last week, feels like Spring this week as Winter temperatures warm to above average across Queensland. Above image: Max temp forecast on Tuesday via OCF/BSCH.

Winter came for a day last week and has gone again this week. Most of the state will climb to warm above average temperatures for the next 5 days. A high pressure system located over the state will produce light winds and clear sunny skies. The lack of any cold fronts with South Westerly winds will mean conditions will feel more like Spring. 

Maximum temperatures will be up to 8C above the June average across the South West with Birdsville heading for 29C on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Mt Isa 30C today then 29C until Friday. Longreach expecting 27C until Saturday with Rockhampton starting out at 27 before reaching 28C on Friday and Saturday. All these locations are 5C above the June average for most of this week.

Down into the South East and it will also be very warm. Brisbane and Ipswich tops of 25 to 26C before a peak of 27C on Friday. Toowoomba’s top of 20C until Saturday is 3C above the long term average. Frosty morning across South East and Southern inland districts will not be around for at least the next 10 days. 

Not rain is expected across the state until Sunday when a trough and possible East Coast Low develop across Central East and South East districts. Detailed HSC rainfall and temperatures forecasts across QLD available here! 
Below images: Top – above average temperature anomalies via Pivotal Weather. Bottom – long term June average max temps via BOM.