Snow, rain, hail and significantly colder weather is set to spread across VIC and mostly Southern NSW across this weekend as a cold front and upper level cold pool sweep the region. Above image – temperatures at 17,000ft showing the cold pool over VIC and Southern NSW (they are NOT surface temperatures).



A cold front is set to move across VIC and Southern NSW during Friday. This cold front is likely to produce rain and storms across VIC and Inland NSW on Friday and Eastern NSW on Saturday – BLOG HERE. Behind this front though, an intense cold pool is expected to trail in and move over VIC and Southern NSW. This cold pool is likely to combine with increased moisture from the South West to produce scattered showers and some light rain areas with pockets of small hail being likely – especially directly under the cold pool. Overall, rainfall totals should be on the lighter side courtesy of the faster moving nature of the cells along with the sporadic nature of them.


Maximum temperatures across VIC and Southern NSW during Saturday via OCF / BSCH


The biggest things to note will be the very cold temperatures compared to the rest of the Season. Maximums across VIC in particular are expected to be well below normal for even late March standards. Melbourne is going for just 15ºc which will be the coldest March day in 41 years. Mildura is heading for just 18ºc – a 12ºc drop on Friday. Places like Bendigo and Ballarat may be up to 15ºc colder than Friday with maximums failing to reach the mid teens. Across the Alpine resorts, maximums may struggle to get above 0ºc during Saturday and barely any warmer on Sunday. Speaking of the Snowy Mountains, snow is expected to start falling during early Saturday and increase as the day progresses, peaking overnight into Sunday morning. Conditions should then slowly clear during Sunday. Falls of up to 10cm are expected over the Snowy Mountains, but if any locally heavier cells move through during the peak snow window, then we could see 15-20cm quite easily given the strength of the cold pool. The cold pool will likely move over the Central Tablelands during Sunday morning where temperatures will be cold enough for snow, but moisture levels will be questionable – so at this stage, we don’t expect snow over the the Central Tablelands.


Forecast snow across the Snowy Mountains and VIC Alpine via Windy