About Higgins Storm Chasing

10404232_866323966796725_6271145077741754793_nHiggins Storm Chasing was established online in September 2011 through our Facebook Page where we currently have a large fan base of 881,000 members including the facebook weather group with 47,000 members.  In September 2015 we expanded our services and launched our website to offer a subscription based private weather forecasting membership service. Now in our 5th year of business we have a large subscription base of premium members which continues to grow.

Through our various platforms we offer accurate weather forecasts, updates, warnings, emergency alerts and live coverage right across Australia.

Higgins Storm Chasing is also well known in the public sector, business, news media and government organisations in Queensland. We are expanding throughout Australia by providing both business services and free community services. Higgins Storm Chasing works as a supporting partner with large not for profit organisations during natural disasters for relief and recovery providing donations of goods and cash directly to affected areas within Australia.

Our admin team offers outstanding community support both online and at a personal level.


Jeff Higgins

Is the Founder, Managing Director, Storm Chaser, Photographer, Forecaster, Administration, Development, Public / Business / Charity / Media / Government liaison officer.

Sara Higgins 

Jeff’s wife, Director, Storm Chaser, Photographer and Administration officer.

Thomas Hinterdorfer

Manager, Storm Chaser, Photographer, Forecaster, Administration, Development, Public and Media contact officer.

Daniel Shaw

Media manager, Media sales representative both business and public members, Storm Chaser, Photographer, Reporter and Administration.


Photographer, Reporter and Administration.


Photographer, Reporter and Administration.