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Here we will show you the latest severe weather photos and videos from across Australia. The most recent content will be at the top. If you have captured incredible footage please send it through to our private message here!

Impressive supercell moving out to sea at Forster, NSW Mid North Coast. 28th September 2022. 

Impressive structure on a severe storm that impacted Boonah with large hail and damaging winds. 27th September 2022. 

A severe storm has impacted Nanango with a lot of small hail and some localised large hail and strong winds. 27th September 2022

See the moment a microburst impacts Boonah, QLD at 4.30pm. 27th September 2022

These kids are having a great time playing in the hail after a storm moved through Hill Top, NSW at 3pm – 27th September 2022

Warwick QLD has been hit with large hail (2cm) this afternoon. 27th September 2022

Drone vision showing MAJOR flooding impacting the town of Gunnedah NSW. 24th September 2022. 

Significant flash flooding observed at Upper Springbrook as torrential rainfall impacts the area on Thursday night, September 22nd 2022. Falls of up to 330mm in 5hrs were observed in the area. 

The MacIntyre River at Inverell has reached minor flood levels with the riverfront seating at Campbell Park completely covered. 22nd September 2022

A funnel cloud has been observed at Toogoolawah QLD, by Matt T this afternoon – 21st September 2022.

A nasty supercell storm has impacted Homestead Gardens near Port Augusta in South Australia with extreme rain and winds (microburst), flash flooding and lots of  hail. 7th Sept 2022.

A Supercell has impacted Port Augusta in South Australia with heavy rain, flash flooding and lots of small hail. 7th Sept 2022.

A severe storm has impacted Port Augusta in South Australia with heavy rain, flash flooding and lots of small hail. 7th Sept 2022

A cone tornado has been observed near Lake Tyrrell, VIC this afternoon as supercells moved through the area! 29th August 2022

A supercell has produced large hail up to golf ball size through Mildura, VIC on August 29th 2022. 

A nasty supercell has hit Wentworth NSW (Near Mildura) this afternoon with hail as large as golf balls reported. 29th August 2022

Large snowflakes observed West of Bathurst during the afternoon of August 23 2022. 

A monster shelf cloud has been captured in Frankston Victoria late today as a cold front moves through. 18th August 2022.

An intense storm moved through Grafton this afternoon, with lots of small hail being observed. 16th August 2022.

Lots of small hail has been observed in Bucca NSW this afternoon captured by Carly S. 16th August 2022

An intense hailstorm has impacted Bucca, NSW (North of Coffs Harbour) this afternoon. The hail was mostly small, but enough to cover the ground and make it ‘look’ like snow. The storm moved North East towards Emerald Beach, Sandy Beach and near Wooloolga. 16th August 2022