Higgins Weather App User Guide

Higgins Weather App User Guide

The following information is provided to enable the best user experience for the Higgins Weather App. We have tailored the app structure to cater for free users and our existing subscribers. You will be emailed a free download link as soon as it is good to go (next few weeks).

When you first download and install our app you will be asked to allow notifications. These are used to send you weather forecasts and warnings. You can also turn these on under your device settings for Higgins Weather.

When you first download and install our app you will also be asked to allow your location while using the app. This location setting does NOT constantly track you through the app. It is only used when opening the app to send your location weather forecast. It can be used to pin mark your location on the weather radar only when you request it.. You can also turn these on in your device settings.

Once you scroll through our intro the app will automatically request your location then display your current weather observations and computer generated forecast.

Scroll down to reveal more forecast information. You can scroll across the computer generated chance of rain hourly forecast to 48hrs ahead. The member portal is where our fully detailed Higgins forecasts and maps are contained.

Click the pin marker in the top right corner of the app to open up weather forecast locations. Type in the search bar any City, Town or Suburb across the world and locate it in the search results. Click to add it and produce the weather observations and forecast.

Through this location pin you can search and add as many favourite locations as you wish or delete the ones you don’t want by swiping to the left and clicking delete. To fetch the weather observations and forecast simply click on one from your list.

Click the apps menu (3 bars in top left corner) and select members portal. Here is where existing subscribers can login using your email and password (same as the website) Free users can sign up HERE. Once subscribed on our website return to our app and login.

Once logged in the full members portal will be accessible with our Higgins detailed forecasts and maps. You can use the edit tab to position your favourites in order.  

On each members forecast page there is an alerts bell in the top right. Click to display alerts, click again to close.
Images and forecast maps on each page are zoomable. Double tap on the image to zoom in OR use pinch to zoom in and out. 

Free users or non logged in subscriber push notification settings are “general” sent to all devices and also “state” levels. Some forecasts and some severe warnings will be sent to users who have these turned on. Free users can subscribe on our website HERE or existing subscribers login to the app to access district level advanced alerts – these are recommended.

Subscribers once logged in have access to district level push notification settings for QLD, NSW & VIC. Users may select multiple districts. These will be very important to have turned on for where you live as they will be our primary way that warnings are sent out. EG: If a severe storm is impacting Toowoomba and is moving east towards Ipswich or Brisbane then a notification warning will be sent to the Darling Downs & Granite Belt + the South East Coast districts. Use our handy “know your district” guide links below…


The rain, hail and snow radar has 2 hours of past data, live frame and 1 hour forecast radar. To loop press the play button. Click on the colour legend to pop out the fully detailed legend. 

Touch screen or use + to zoom in and click on the arrow to mark your current location. There are 3 base maps to chose from – satellite, street  or topo dark and also a loop speed controller by clicking on the 3 bars in the top right.

In the main menu you will also find our Weather Glossary, Weather News and Reports. This user guide is located in settings if you need to refer to it while using the app. 

Youtube Video user guide coming soon …