Rainfall Summary for February 2nd 2019 – Townsville Flood Event

Rainfall Summary for February 2nd 2019 – Townsville Flood Event

Over the past 24 hours we’ve seen more areas hit the 300mm mark across the Greater Townsville region, leading to 6 day accumulative totals well and truly starting to become widespread in excess of 750mm and scattered over 900mm! The promising thing from the entire event now is that widespread good falls are starting to accumulate across Northern Inland and North West QLD following some station records over the past few days. Above image showing the severe flash flooding at Mt Margaret which prompted an emergency alert Saturday morning. Image via Josh Dodd


Across North QLD the heaviest falls were once again in the Greater Townsville region:
• Woolshed 369mm
• Mt Margaret 363mm
• Saunders Creek 346mm
• Stony Creek 328mm
• Deeragun 316mm
• Texas Road 287mm
• Dalrymple Road 283mm
• Mt Bohle 274mm
• Black River 273mm
• Little Bohle River 271mm
• Paluma 261mm
• Upper Black River 259mm
• Bushland Beach 240mm
• The Pinnacles 237mm
• Rollingstone 199mm


Greater Townsville Rainfall via BOM in the 24hrs to 9am Saturday


6 day rainfall totals across the region (22 locations in excess of 900mm now, 7 locations in excess of 1000mm):
• Paluma 1384mm
• Woolshed 1354mm (941mm in 3 days)
• Paluma Alert 1297mm
• Sandy Plateau 1282mm
• Upper Black River 1246mm
• Mt Margaret 1160mm
• Rollingstone 1040mm
• Saunders Creek 983mm

• Woolshed has now recorded 4 straight 200mm days and 3 straight days of 286mm or more
• Upper Bluewater, Paluma, Rollingstone have all recorded 6 straight days in excess of 100mm
• Multiple locations have recorded 2 or 3 straight days of 200mm+ and back to back 300mm days

Across the North West and Northern Inland QLD we’ve seen some phenomenal rainfall including Cloncurry breaking its Airport record. The old town gauge has a higher February daily total, however the Airport which takes the current data for Cloncurry broke its February record. Mt Isa also recorded its wettest day in 18 years!
• Cloncurry 178mm  -New Airport record for February
• Doughboy Creek 148mm
• May Downs 130mm
• Mt Isa 123mm – Highest daily total since February 2001!
• Julius Dam 107mm (257mm in 2 days)
• Trepell 104mm
• Richmond 73mm (328mm in 5 days)
• Normanton 70mm


24hr Rainfall across Northern QLD via BOM


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