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12 03, 2019

Severe storms set to lash parts of QLD & NSW this week


Issued on the 12th of March 2019. While numerous severe storms with heavy rain, large hail and damaging winds will be likely, RAIN is the utmost importance part of this forecast scenario! Above image: next 5 day rainfall forecast totals via

A series of upper troughs with cold mid to upper level air are forecast to move across parts of NSW and QLD this week. We may even see an upper low develop across Northern NSW on Friday and Saturday enhancing rain and storm activity further across Northern NSW and QLD. 

It doesn’t matter how much moisture there is you need a trigger such as a surface trough or upper trough to cause rain and storms. It looks like we finally have both this week!

Storm activity is expected to start late this afternoon with possibly severe storms from Gympie up into the Central inland and across to Rockhampton. There is a slight chance through the South East Coast. 

Wednesday: Again storms are likely to be focused from about the Sunshine Coast to Rockhampton and back through Central inland districts. Some storms will possibly be severe.

Thursday: Instability and moisture greatly increases through South East and Central East QLD. Numerous severe storms are likely along with the potential for heavy rainfall across the South East corner of QLD into Thursday night. 

Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Instability remains high through South East and Central inland QLD while spreading further west in Southern inland districts. Severe storm activity is likely during the 3 days. 

So for QLD, rainfall amounts and storms will tend more isolated on Tuesday and Wednesday before increasing significantly from Thursday to Sunday at this stage. Widespread falls up to 25mm across most areas South from about Rockhampton and East from Longreach, Charleville to St George. Isolated higher falls to 100mm are very possible due to repeat storms through South East and Central inland QLD. 

In NSW, storm activity is expected to begin on Thursday through most Eastern districts before contracting to the North East and Northern inland from Friday to Sunday. Numerous severe storms are also likely. Widespread totals of 20 to 40mm forecast through Eastern NSW for the rest of the week. Isolated higher falls to 100mm very possible through the North East under repeating storms. 

Detailed and accurate daily rainfall and storm threat maps are available for QLD, SEQLD and NSW on our website HERE>
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4 03, 2019

Low and Trough to bring showers and storms to Eastern QLD this week


Issued 4th March 2019: Showers, Rain & Storms increasing through Eastern QLD this week. Some storms likely severe with heavy rainfall. Above image via
A small low pressure system is forecast to track South West across the Coral Sea to near the Central QLD coast by Wednesday. (Red circle and track arrow).
A surface trough extending South from the low currently located off the QLD coast is forecast to shift West to be positioned along the coast early Tuesday morning. (Yellow line and track arrows).

Forecast for Monday: Scattered showers along the East coast tending more frequent and rain at times around the Sunshine Coast.

Forecast for Tuesday: Scattered showers and isolated storms increasing in the morning through the Wide Bay & Burnett, Fraser Coast including Fraser Island. This activity is expected to develop further north during the afternoon to also include the Capricornia, Central Coast & Whitsundays, Herbert & Lower Burdekin districts. Locally moderate to heavy falls possible under storms with some storms possibly severe with heavy rainfall leading to flash flooding. Showers again likely along the South East Coast into NENSW.

Forecast for Wednesday: Scattered showers and storms likely along most of the East QLD coast between Cairns and Brisbane. Some storms likely to be severe with heavy rainfall leading to flash flooding. Isolated showers and storms may also spread or develop further inland through the Darling Downs, Central Highlands & Coalfields districts.

The forecast for Thursday: At this stage is very similar to Wednesday with scattered showers and storms some likely severe with heavy rainfall through Eastern QLD. A strong gusty South East change is expected to move North through the South East QLD coast during the day. This change may increase thunderstorm activity through South East QLD depending on exact timing through various locations.

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26 02, 2019

An Apology From Higgins Storm Chasing


On the 26th February, 2019 an article was published by the Courier Mail and other media about Higgins Storm Chasing and comments we have recently made.

We wish to make clear that we were never forced to offer an apology, despite headlines stating this as fact.

On Sunday 24th February, I proactively contacted a person who I made abusive and threatening remarks to and have apologised for my actions. My apology was welcomed with return apologies for their original provoking post.

I wish to offer an unreserved apology to anyone who has been affected or offended by my or other administrator’s comments or private messages.  The language we have used is unacceptable and should never be used either publicly or privately.

We are working on ways to better handle the stresses of supporting our business and our admins are being taught better coping skills to deal with the abuse that we sometimes receive

Regardless of these stresses, this is no excuse to treat others with disrespect.

I and my team are implementing better procedures to cope with the increased pressures of social media and the demands often placed on us.

I am very appreciative of the support we do receive, and I wish to thank everyone who supports our work and passion for weather.

We wish to welcome open and intelligent debate on our posts.  Those who wish to share different views are welcome to do so, however we ask that they are done with respect to us and others.

I and my team are looking forward to providing a better service to our customers and greater public.

Thank you,
Jeff Higgins
Higgins Storm Chasing

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4 02, 2019

Central Coast and Whitsundays up to 1 meter of rain now forecast!


Issued 4th February 2019. HEADS UP Central Coast and Whitsundays from Sarina to Bowen including Mackay, Proserpine and Arlie Beach. The monsoon trough which has flooded Townsville during the past week is now forecast to shift South. Heavy Rainfall and Flooding a high risk. Above image via next 3 to 5 day rainfall totals. 

A tropical low is currently located over North West QLD with a strong monsoonal wind flow extending down the NQLD coast. The monsoon trough which has been anchored over Townsville for many days has now finally shifted. Unfortunately this will mean other locations will now likely experience heavy rainfall with a high risk of flooding.

During Monday afternoon the main convergence zone is located on the Central Coast very close to Mackay. The heaviest rainfall since 9am to 5pm was at Sandy Plateau with 75mm. While the rain has finally eased in Townsville with 15mm, it has now started in Mackay and Proserpine with 15 to 30mm recorded. This will be a tame start of things to come… 

On Tuesday the tropical low is expected to remain stationary in North West QLD while the monsoon trough gains intensity from the Whitsundays to Mackay. Heavy rainfall is very likely to develop along with strong winds which may reach damaging strength of 90kmhr along the Central Coast. 24 hour rainfall totals of 100 to 200mm possible with locally high falls to 350mm. Some very intense heavy rain areas and severe thunderstorms may also develop producing severe and dangerous flash flooding. The Central Coast region is saturated from recent rainfall so it generally won’t take as much rainfall to causing flooding. Below image: Monsoon trough via

During Wednesday the forecast is expected to be near exactly the same as Tuesday. On Thursday and Friday the tropical low could finally move East out of North West QLD into North East districts. This is likely to contract the monsoon trough back towards the North but deep onshore winds will maintain rain through the Central Coast and Whitsundays. 

3 to 5 day current rainfall accumulation totals are forecast to be between 500 to 1000mm from Proserpine to Sarina. Inland areas such as Moranbah, Collinsville and Bowen are currently expecting 150 to 300mm. 

Flash flooding will be a high risk, River Flooding is likely with strong to damaging winds for the next 3 to 5 days along the CQLD coast. Please watch our LIVE VIDEO update and forecast on Facebook tonight (Monday) at 7:30pm QLD time which will also cover Townsville to Mackay.  

Detailed, accurate HSC forecasts and maps for Queensland available via our Premium Membership HERE! 




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30 01, 2019

Ross River Dam Townsville To Reach 100% Today!


Issued 30th January 2019. With heavy rainfall continuing across the catchment, Townsville’s Ross River Dam is expected to reach 100% storage capacity later today. Above image sourced. Townsville’s detailed heavy rain forecast for today is available HERE! 

Just 2 days ago the level was down to 64% but over the past 24hrs that has risen by 20%. At 7am this morning the dam was at 89.8% or 38.10m.

Now at 10:30am further fast rises up to 38.35m which is about 95% have occurred. The 100% gated spillway level is 38.55m so there is just 24cm to go until 100% full supply is reached.

By 3pm this afternoon based off current inflows, Ross River Dam will likely be at 100%. The reservoir has a current capacity of 233,187 megalitres of water and can hold up to 803,565 megalitres of water in flood mitigation. Below image via BOM at 10am Jan 30th 2019.

Further heavy rainfall is expected for the next week across the region with flash flooding and river flooding likely to continue. We may see many if not all of the rivers and creeks across the Townsville region reach MODERATE to MAJOR flooding. LATEST BLOG FORECAST HERE! 

Currently the Haughton R at Giru and Mt Piccaninny is at Major flood level and rising. The Bohle R at Hervey Range Rd is at moderate flood level and rising. Subscribe to HSC here for detailed forecasts and maps for Townsville! 

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29 01, 2019

Another week of rain with MAJOR flooding a big risk!


Issued 29th January 2019. Parts of the Central Coast and North Tropical Coast of Queensland are forecast to receive widespread rainfall totals of 250 to 500mm and up to another 1500mm over the next 5 to 10 days! Some locations have already recorded 500mm of rain and record flooding. Conditions are saturated now and with these very high forecast total widespread flooding is becoming a high risk. Above image: Next 10 day rainfall forecast totals via ECMWF and Red = 250+, Black = 500+, Purple = 1000mm+. NOTE: A separate forecast blog is currently HERE for inland areas! 

A Tropical Low is currently located in the Gulf district which is forecast to remain very slow moving. A monsoon trough is located across the Southern Tropics between Mackay and Townsville which is near stationary. A very deep and moist onshore tropical wind flow extends along the Northern and Central coasts of Queensland. This pattern is expected to remain relatively unchanged during the next 3 days.

From Friday onwards the North West monsoon flow is forecast to strengthen significantly across Northern QLD in response to a positive MJO phase across the Western Pacific. In fact the MJO is expected to stall over the Western Pacific for over a week which is rare. A combination of these 2 factors will ensure the Tropical Low across Northern QLD (In the Gulf vicinity) grows in size and intensity. There is a greatly increased risk of tropical Cyclone development in the Gulf and Coral Sea. In the meantime the Monsoon trough to the east of the Tropical Low is expected to traverse between Townsville and Mackay, possibly as high as Cairns again. Below image: Madden Julian Oscillation via CPC phase 6 is over North QLD. 


Every day for the next 10 days rain and storms are forecast across the Peninsula, North Tropical Coast and Tablelands, Herbert and Lower Burdekin Central Coast and Whitsundays districts. DAILY rainfall totals of 100mm likely and up to 250mm under the monsoon troughs location which may lead to flash flooding. 5 day rainfall totals of 250 to 500mm from Proserpine to Cairns with falls as high as 1000mm possible which is likely to lead to flash flooding and river flooding – we could include inland areas such as Collinsville, Georgetown and Charters Towers. 10 day rainfall totals of 500 to 1000mm from Mackay to Tully with falls as high as 1500mm is cause for a high risk of river flooding possibly MAJOR flooding. 

While this is not a cyclone with the extra risks wind and surge, the rainfall forecast figures are double to triple the amount. This system has the potential to become life threatening due to severe flash flooding and major river flooding. We are advising the people of Central and North QLD to remain vigilant during this time. Keep a VERY close eye on daily forecasts and live warnings as critical situations can unfold in just a few hours! 

We will continue to pass on live updates through our facebook page, group, website and app. Please stay safe everyone there is a long way to go yet…

Detailed, accurate, rainfall, storm and cyclone forecasts and maps available for QLD via our premium membership service HERE! 

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29 01, 2019

GOOD Rain & Storms Forecast For Northern & Central Inland QLD


Issued January 29th 2019. Widespread rain, showers and storms have a very high chance across large parts of Northern inland and Central inland Queensland during the next 3 days. 50 to 100mm totals look likely EAST of a line from about Burketown, Mt Isa, Winton, Longreach and North from about Yaraka, Blackall, Jericho and Moranbah. NOTE – this forecast is for inland areas only with a separate forecast for coastal regions East of the ranges HERE!. Above image: 3 day rainfall forecast via Dark Blue to Green = 50 to 100mm. 

A Tropical Low is currently located in the Gulf district which is forecast to remain very slow moving. A monsoon trough is located across the Southern Tropics between Mackay and Townsville which is near stationary. A very deep and moist onshore tropical wind flow extends well into Central inland and Northern inland parts of Queensland. This flow is colliding the a high pressure ridge and weak convergence zone from about Mackay to Longreach.

Scattered showers, storms and rain areas are expected to develop this afternoon, tomorrow and Thursday across above mentioned areas before contracting further North on Friday. Locally moderate to heavy falls likely under storms with some storms likely severe. Overnight rain areas are possible after storms with moderate falls. Flash flooding a risk under heavy rain. 

After months of very dry hot conditions and years of on going drought, it finally looks very promising for these areas to get some good rainfall. It won’t be drought breaking by any means with many people only believing it when they see it. At HSC are very hopeful of this forecast but while some may unfortunately miss out, many will get some rain. 

Get our 24 hour daily rainfall and storm forecasts across QLD by subscribing here! 


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26 01, 2019

The Monsoon Trough Is Forecast To Go Crazy Over NQLD!


Issued 26th January 2019. A tropical low with amplifying monsoon trough is located over North Queensland with over 1 meter of rain forecast! Heavy Rain is expected to lead to flooding across the region for at least the next week. Above image: 10 day rainfall accumulation via

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A Tropical Low is currently located over land near Kowanyarma moving South. It is expected to continue moving South for the next 24 to 48hrs before moving further West through the Gulf District. Due to being over land the system is not expected to develop into a cyclone. A monsoon trough lies across the North Tropical Coast which is also slowly forecast to move South adjacent to the low. 

Heavy rainfall is likely to continue across the North Tropical Coast while spreading further South into the Herbert and Lower Burdekin, eventually also into the Central Coast and Whitsundays during the next 5 days. Daily rainfall totals over 100mm are expected with 200mm a day possible with the trough. 300 to 400mm has already fallen across the Cairns region over the past few days causing flash flooding and minor river flooding. 

Flooding is expected to continue for a week as the system remains across the North East of the state. We may see periods of Major Flooding depending on exactly where the heaviest falls occur in a short duration. 

Some 5 day forecast totals include Cairns, Cardwell, Ingham, Townsville, Ayr, Bowen, Charters Towers, Collinsville, Mt Coolon and Proserpine all 250mm with the potential for heavy falls of 500mm+ at any of these locations. Rainfall tapers off into Mackay with 100mm forecast all up at this stage.

A continuation of the monsoon trough and further embedded lows during the 5 to 10 day forecast range is suggesting that areas between Port Douglas to Ingham could see 10 day totals of 800 to 1300mm.  A Severe Weather Warning for heavy rainfall leading to flooding is current.

HSC offers daily, weekly and monthly rainfall forecasts across Queensland. Access these detailed and accurate forecasts by subscribing here! 

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23 01, 2019

Tropical Low could become a Cyclone in North QLD



Issued 23rd Jan 2019. A Tropical Low near Weipa has a 50 to 75% chance of developing further into a Tropical Cyclone this week. An intensifying Tropical Low 300kms North of Broome has a 90% chance of developing into a cyclone during Thursday or Friday.

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We have issued Tropical Cyclone track maps for BOTH systems via our premium membership service HERE! Above image via

The Western system is likely to be named Riley due to developing first and it has the potential of becoming a severe category 3 system. Earlier forecasts suggested the system may cross the Pilbara Coast however guidance now keeps the system in the Indian Ocean. 

Queensland: A Tropical Low near Weipa is forecast by a majority of models to slowly move South during coming days. IF the system remains over the Gulf of Carpentaria waters it is likely to develop into a cyclone (Savannah) as ECMWF suggests. IF it remains over land as GFS suggests it will intensify but remain a Tropical Low. 

Worst case at this stage is a severe category 3 system crossing the Southern Gulf coast late during the weekend. Which ever track the system takes will greatly alter the heaviest rainfall.

The Peninsula, Gulf Country and North Tropical Coast are the main districts that will receive widespread rainfall to start with. Some moderate to locally heavy falls are likely with 5 day totals between 100 and 200mm possible. Locations around Tully could get up to 500mm during this time due to the onshore flow and orographic lifting enhancing rainfall.

The extended outlook remains uncertain however there is some hope being thrown up by data that the system could come South into Western QLD. Should this occur from Monday onwards then widespread showers, rain and storms will also spread South with the system into Central and Western districts. FINGERS CROSSED! Below image GEFS tracks via

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21 01, 2019

Tropical Lows with a Cyclone or 2 this week


Issued 21st January 2019. The monsoon trough is becoming active this week across Northern Australia with a number of Lows and even a Cyclone forecast to develop. 

Queensland and Western Australia are expected to be in the firing line later this week as Tropics fire up with a 3rd round of cyclonic activity this season. 

Western Australia has failed to see a cyclone or tropical low so far while Queensland has had 2 systems. During the week the tropical low near East Timor is forecast to track South West while intensifying. There is an increased risk towards the end of the week that favourable conditions will see a cyclone develop off the Kimberly Coast before possibly crossing the Pilbara Coast. 

Meanwhile a weak tropical low is developing over far North Queensland.
The system is forecast to intensify across the Peninsula district during the week. Global models currently suggest there is a 50% chance the system will develop into a cyclone provided it goes into open waters such as the Gulf Of Carpentaria or Western Coral Sea.

Data from the worlds leading 3 models ECWMF, WRF and GFS indicate the system may move South down the coast as far as Townsville. We will continue to monitor the situation with Tropical Low and or Cyclone forecasts and maps issued on our premium membership service. To subscribe click here! 

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